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Happy Oaks Day! It’s Kentucky Derby weekend here in Louisville which means backyard barbecues, big hats, and very little work. I’m not heading to the track but I’m definitely hoping to gawk at the big hats.

My favorite finds from around the web:

Kentucky Derby Q&A. In which I answer some common Derby questions and share a photo of me in my Derby hat from the one time we actually went to the track.

• 12 spring cookbooks I’m excited about. “Suffice it to say – I’m working on building a library. Maybe one day I’ll be the crass old lady with books lining every wall, one too many cats, and paper flowers covering the ceiling. I’M WORKING ON IT!”

• How to apply your skin care products in the right order. “You might have the most amazing skincare routine in the world, but if you’re applying your products in the wrong order, you can prevent your skin from receiving the full benefits.”

An open book: a photographer’s love letter to city libraries – in pictures. “They are participatory; they can’t exist without users, a community – and, of course, librarians and library workers, who do so much more than just stamp out books.”

5 chores you should never skip (even if you’re busy). “Keep your house functioning by being choosy with which chores you skip and which ones you tackle.”

Jane Austen’s fiction manuscripts. “The Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts Digital Edition gathers together in the virtual space of the web some 1100 pages of fiction written in Jane Austen’s own hand.”

Cool facts about the library. “Whether they sort their books alphabetically, with the Dewey decimal system, or the Library of Congress system, all libraries agree on one thing: I should have finished my tuna-fish sandwich outside.”

Favorite Instagram:

Spring surprise: we have a lilac bush! (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: 15 books about endearingly quirky families. “But for the novel to truly hit her sweet spot, it’s important that both factors be there: the ‘quirky’ AND the ‘endearing.'”

Two years ago: 9 books you should have read in high school that are totally worth reading now. “If you, like me, tend to get a little panicky when you consider all the books you feel like you should have read by now, take heart: you’ll get more out of reading these novels now than you ever would have gotten out of them in high school.”

Three years ago: My favorite indie bookstores. “I love a good independent bookstore: I visit my own regularly, and pop into the local stores when we’re on the road.”

Four years ago: Kitchen tools I wouldn’t mind getting (or giving) for Mother’s Day. “Good tools make everything more fun, and I have a few tools in my arsenal that I adore so much I’d be delighted to get them as gifts for Mother’s Day, or any other time of year.”

Five years ago: Fictional mothers we love to hate. “The internet is abuzz with heartwarming stories about the maternal figures in our lives. I thought it might be fun to balance out all that sweetness with a little chat about the fictional mothers we love to hate.”

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Julie Goodman says:

    I have a cookbook library.It started when I was about 15, I bought one from church that everyone submitted a couple recipes to put in the book and sold the books for charity works. After that I just started buying them when I found good ones. My mother bought me a subscription to the Taste of Home, and that started me into buying their hardcover cookbooks. I now at this point have 371 cookbooks that take up one whole bookcase in my reading room( my husband gave up the den for a reading room and library, yay) and have started a second one. I have old ones and new ones and everything in between. I got duplicates when my mother passed away and have gifted cookbooks as wedding shower gifts with ingredients and dish to make it in. Of all the books I have, my favorite is one my mother wrote with all her recipes she made often and wrote in a book she got at pier one called I’m writing my own cookbook.I treasure that most of all. Buying cookbooks was an addiction for awhile, but now I have moved onto novels and nonfiction as I have more walls to fill with book cases and books. Happy cooking and reading ,two loves of mine combined.

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