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Happy Friday! We’re hoping to soak up some Vitamin D this weekend now that the sun is finally shining. And I’d like to knock a book or two off my TBR, of course.

My favorite finds from around the web:

• The Women’s Prize for Fiction longlist was announced yesterday. Lots of great titles are on the list, but I’m especially excited to see the MMD Book Club April pick, Home FireBonus: Now it qualifies as a book nominated for an award this year in the Reading Challenge.

The 8 real winners of the Oscars. Best Display of Enthusiasm, Best Performance Doing a Thing You Can’t Really Do, Best Ability to Haunt Our Dreams, and more.

Women we overlooked in 167 years of New York Times obituaries. “Charlotte Brontë wrote “Jane Eyre”; Emily Warren Roebling oversaw construction of the Brooklyn Bridge when her husband fell ill; Madhubala transfixed Bollywood; Ida B. Wells campaigned against lynching. Yet all of their deaths went unremarked in our pages, until now.”

Stuck in a reading rut? How to create new book habits. “Publishing professionals and readers who regularly flick between genres say you can find a new groove by looking to reliable sources and closely examining your literary habits.”

Want a chance to fill up your bookshelves? (Of course!) Penguin Random House is giving away a year of books! (Penguin Random House is an affiliate partner.)

This is a weirdly specific shirt name. Also, I record at least half the time while wearing yoga pants.

Favorite instagram:

Milestone: the library hosted its first sleepover this weekend. We’re still putting the room back together.

More details on our home library here. Click here to follow me on instagram @annebogel.

Coming Sunday:

While I’m not a huge sports fan, I do love college basketball. At least I did. I don’t know if you follow college basketball news, but it’s hard to be a U of L fan right now.

Maybe you love college basketball and its attendant seasonal madness. (If that’s you, I hope your team wins.) Maybe you couldn’t care less. Maybe, instead of focusing on that sportsball stuff, you’d rather be reading.

Well. We’ve got you covered … with our Book Flight Bonanza.

What’s so great about March Madness? The match-ups. As readers, we know all about the importance of a strategic pairing. So over the next four weeks we’re bringing a whole bunch of great book match-ups—or as we call them around here, book flights— your way. 32 pairings, to be exact, for a total of 64 fantastic books.

That’s the blank “bracket” above. We’re kicking off our reading festivities on Sunday evening, when we’ll fill in our first “region” with eight flights (that’s sixteen books) that pair terrific novels with illuminating nonfiction. That post will go live here on the blog during the Selection Sunday show.

On Sunday, all email subscribers will get Sunday’s email about Book Flight Bonanza, but if you want to stay on top of each week’s picks and get access to your printable bracket, subscribe below.

This is going to be fun. Thanks for reading with me, in this and every season!

On the blog:

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Five years ago: “Grown-ups shouldn’t finish books they’re not enjoying.

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Have a great weekend!

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    I own two of the Pocast Co-Host shirts which have sleeves and they are fabulous. I’m in a year of no spending, but hope that the sleeveless version of the shirt is still available in 2019 cause it looks fabulous!

  2. Nancy says:

    Where is the round coffee table from? I want to find a nice but not pricey round coffee table for our family room that is durable. So many now have marble tops which I really like the look of BUT..(isn’t there always one of those?? haha) but its a room we live in and I don’t want to have to worry about how delicate the marble top is. Suggestion welcome from all of your blog readers. Thanks in advance

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