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My favorite finds from around the web:

• The reader’s workout: 10 fitness tips for book-loving minds and bodies. “The book-lover’s workout really comes down to three steps: Lift book. Read. Repeat.”

• The mysterious disappearance of Agatha Christie. “Historian Giles Milton recalls the author’s 11 missing days, and the unprecedented manhunt sparked in the wake of her disappearance.”

Why cookbook clubs should be the new way we entertain. “The idea behind Cookbook Club is a simple one—a group of friends all make recipes from the same book and gather to share the results, a crowdsourced feast. But there’s a bit of magic to Cookbook Club that I didn’t anticipate when I attended my first meeting…”

14 books becoming movies in 2018. So many good ones. A Wrinkle in Time, Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, Bel Canto.

Favorite instagram:

My first trip to the Biltmore grounds, this view is through the loggia wall. (The book I reference in this post is A Clearing in the Distance by Witold Rybczynski.) Follow me on instagram @annebogel.

Coming soon:

One Hour to a Better #Bookstagram class, in the MMD Book Club. Monday, November 13, 8pm EST. Click here for details.

On the blog:

One year ago: Gilmore Girls: a series in books. “Enjoy this glimpse at just a few of the 339 books we saw Rory reading in the original seven seasons.” Was it just this time last year we were counting down to the revival?

Two years ago: The big magic of one hour a day. “Sometimes I need a little woo-woo magic talk, but sometimes I need someone to tell me to put my butt in the chair, and to tell me why it’s worth it.”

Three years ago: What makes a good book club novel? “My list of favorite book club books is different from my list of favorite books….”

Four years ago: There is exactly enough time. “I’m a dreamer and schemer, and this fall I’ve had to say “no” to so many things I would dearly love to do, and the deciding factor–for each and every decision–has been my time….”

Five years ago: When I realized my own house was making me cranky. “I wanted to relax in my own space–but I found my own space surprisingly hard to relax in.”

Six years ago: 5 things I love about shopping online, and 3 things I wish I’d learned sooner. ” I love to buy local, but there are some things that I love to get online, especially during the holidays.”

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    • Amanda says:

      I’m going to check that out! I had actually never heard about her disappearance before. Sounds like she had an interesting life!

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