Links I love

Links I love

Sharing some good reads before I scoot out the door to enjoy the pleasant and rare 58 degree morning…

My favorite finds from around the web:

• Pemberley, Manderley and Howards End: the real buildings behind fictional houses. Take me there.

5 rules for hosting a crappy dinner party (and seeing your friends more often).

• A Sweet Valley High Movie is Coming (from the Writer of Legally Blonde!)

Never pay for wi-fi. “Just like on the ground, it now takes an act of will to be bored enough on a plane to actually enter that good headspace where you can make something.”

Favorite instagram: 

This was a tough call! I’ll go with this morning view, with steamy windows and neighbor’s truck. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

Mark your calendars:

I just put a few fall events on the calendar. I’ll be doing events in:

St Louis @ The Novel Neighbor: September 27
Davidson NC (near Charlotte) @ Main Street Books: October 22

And I’ll be in New Orleans the weekend of September 16: get your details and tickets here.

On the blog: 

One year ago: Making things happen vs. letting things happen. “What else can I do, not to make things happen, but to make it easier to let the good stuff happen?”

Two years ago: Enduring vs. enjoying the journey. “This wasn’t a big change. But instead of dreading the journey, I almost enjoyed it.”

Three years ago: My favorite TED talks.

Four years ago: You could survive, but that’s not the same as thriving.

Five years ago: The conversation that changed my life.

Six years ago: Best book you’ve never heard of on … making marriage work.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kristian says:

    A fun list as always- I loved the gaurdian piece, though I was surprised that several places were not on their list. My family did one last family vacation the year my sister graduated high school and she plotted out a trip through England stopping at several places that were Austen novels-turned-film backdrops. Visiting Chatsworth (the backdrop for Pemberley in all versions, I think, of P&P) is still one of the most lovely days I’ve ever had.

    And how funny about Sweet Valley High. I’d forgotten about those books till now! How fun.

  2. Debi Morton says:

    I love the “crappy dinner party” article. Many years ago when my boys were growing up, I had a very dear friend who lived right next door. How lucky can you get? We often had morning coffee and conversation after the kids were off to school. We referred to our relationship as a “low-maintenance friendship.” We needed no makeup, no nice clothes, the house could be a mess. In fact, a time or two one or both of us were still in robes. Although, all of our children are married now, and I’m an 8-time grandmother, we often still refer to each other as “my low maintenance friend” when we correspond online. Everyone needs at least one friend like that!

  3. Rachael says:

    I love that they are making a Sweet Valley High movie! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to these posts on the weekend.

  4. Ashley S says:

    Internet rabbit hole problems…I’d love to read the story of your son’s cancer diagnosis (from the conversation that changed your life post) but the link said it didn’t exist. Is that story still available somewhere?

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