25 perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for the book lovers in your life.

25 gifts to surprise and delight your favorite book lover. This is basically my Christmas wish list.

I Read Past My Bedtime pillow cover
1. I read past my bedtime pillow cover. ($35)

Pride and Prejudice novel journal

2. A Novel Journal: Pride and Prejudice. The lines of this adorable journal is actually text.

Puffin in Bloom box set

3. Puffin in Bloom box set.

out of print socks
4. Library socks from Out of Print. ($10)

essential Jane Austen

5. The collected works of Jane Austen, in clothbound hardcover from Penguin Classics. ($107)

What Would Kathleen Kelly Do? tote

6. What Would Kathleen Kelly Do? tote (priceless) Now I’m just taunting you, because it’s all. sold. out. (Sob.) Runner up: this Shop Around the Corner tote is still in stock ($14.95)


7. Book darts. ($10) These have my heart, forever and ever. I bought some more for myself this year for Will to put in my stocking. Or buy these special custom Modern Mrs Darcy or What Should I Read Next book darts.

Star Wars Little Golden Books
8. Star Wars Little Golden Book box set. ($17) These will be under our tree.

reading is sexy bumper sticker
9. Reading is sexy small bumper sticker. ($1) Mine lives in my office.

Kate Spade pencil pouch
10. Kate Spade Bella Bookshelf pencil pouch. ($30) My mom surprised me with this last Christmas and I love it. To go above and beyond: fill it with fabulous pens and the holy grail of pencil sharpeners.

Goodnight Mr Darcy

11. Goodnight Mr. Darcy. ($12) Goodnight Moon gets a makeover.

She is too fond of books

12. Louisa May Alcott quote mug. “She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.” Yep.

Lucy Jane strong coffee long books
13. Strong Coffee Long Books pencil pouch from Lucy Jane. ($23)

Book lovers soy candle through the wardrobe

14. Through the Wardrobe book lovers’ soy candle from Frostbeard. ($18) This soy candle smells of Aspen winter, applewood, and spruce tree. If Narnia isn’t your scene, try one of the numerous bookish scents: Gatsby’s Mansion, Sherlock’s Study, Pemberley Gardens, the Shire, or Reading at the Café.

reading journal 4
15. A reading journal. Try my favorite $6 off-the-shelf journal, or customize your own using this free download.

bookbook ipad mini
16. BookBook tech case. ($35-$80) Available for iPad, iPhone, and Macbook. My husband loves his BookBook iPad cover.
eat sleep read print
17. Eat Sleep Read print. ($5) This instant digital download makes a perfect last minute gift.

aqua notes waterproof note pad
18. Aqua Notes waterproof notepad. ($7) For capturing all those great ideas you have in the shower.

Jane Austen bandages

19. Jane Austen bandages. ($7) Also available: Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe.

personal library kit

20. Personal library kit. ($13) Old-fashioned library circulation methods for your home library.

Literary match books

21. Literary matchbooks. ($2-3 each). Check your local indie bookstore for a treasure trove of great stocking stuffers like these. 2

library card note cards 22. Library card note cards. ($8) I’d dearly love to jot all my notes on these beauties.

I Saw Her in the Library print

23. I saw her in the library print. ($36) Does the remind you of a book lover in your life? This print is for her.

24. A year of good reading. (approx $225) Available from British bookseller Foxed Books. “First they’ll receive an invitation to come and join us for tea and cake at the bookshop (or by way of Skype if it’s more convenient) so that they can tell us about the kind of books they enjoy and find most interesting. Based on this we’ll put together a selection of titles carefully tailored to their own personal tastes and send them a paperback book a month throughout the year. This gift can also be tailored to children of any age.” SWOON.

25. Young readers’ book of the month club. ( $98 for 6 months; $198 for 12) Readers will receive one fantastic book in the mail each month. Available for three different age groups. I’m drooling.

25 perfect gifts and stocking stuffers to surprise and delight the book lover in your life


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  1. Sara K. says:

    Oh these are all fabulous! I don’t have #10, but I have the same Kate Spade print on a large tumbler with straw and lid. We stumbled across in in a local gift shop and my dear mom bought it for me.

    I will add one more – https://www.etsy.com/shop/BookScentsCandles
    This Etsy shop does book themed candles too. I am particularly fond of her candles because she has Outlander themed ones (I have “Claire”).

  2. Kaytee says:

    Can we be friends? And I’ll buy some of these for you abs you buy them for me and all will be right with the world?
    No, seriously though, I wrote a FB post the other night asking my talk girlfriends where they get their shirts so they don’t have short-sleeve-itis, and wanted to tag you! I kept thinking “Modern Mrs Darcy will have a great answer”

    • Anne says:

      My kids all have ultra thin book lights from Mighty Brite, but I couldn’t find them online when I just did a search. I do like the brand and it has a good reputation.

  3. Aya Amurjuev says:

    Anne, I have no words… a truly extraordinary gift list! Easily the best I’ve seen this year! Tons of ideas I’d be proud to actually use and give. Love this!!!

  4. Kristin says:

    My mom made me my own Library Kit when I was about 8. It was a cardboard “school box” with a date stamp, ink pad, papers, and pencils. It was the Best Present Ever!

  5. SoCalLynn says:

    I saw that Kate Spade pencil case in B&N the other day and drooled over it but I didn’t buy it. I might just go back and gift it to myself.

  6. Esther says:

    Fabulous! My daughter is an avid reader and you just solved a Christmas dilemnma. Also, I’m definitely ordering the print for her bedroom when we move back to the States next year. This has been the most helpful list ever! Thank you!!

  7. Becca says:

    Such great finds and ideas! And I am thrilled that you listed the Star Wars set; my oldest recently became obsessed with it and this will PERFECT! Already clicked through to buy! (And quite a few might have been added to my list as well 🙂

  8. Guy Austin says:

    Got me some Book Darts! Well…got them for my Wife and Daughters Stocking, My Daughter is a Liberal Arts major at Sac State and these will come in handy for her school and pleasure reading.

    …I might be stealing a few to use myself.

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