Announcing my next book: My Reading Adventures: A Book Journal for Kids

Readers, I’ve hinted at this for months now, and I’m thrilled we can finally make an official announcement in print. My next book My Reading Adventures: A Book Journal for Kids, is coming your way on August 2, 2022!

I had so much fun creating this journal for young readers. You probably know about my reading journal for grown-ups; this companion journal was part of the plan from the beginning and I can’t wait to get it in your hands—and your kids’ hands!

I’m a book journaling advocate for all ages. I’ve been keeping my own reading journal for nearly ten years now and oh, how I wish I’d had one when I was a kid! My Reading Adventures will be fun for the kids in your life now (target age range: 8-12) and will remain a wonderful time capsule when they’re older. Most importantly, the process of journaling and the activities and book lists in My Reading Adventures will support them as they grow into even more adventurous and eager readers.

My Reading Adventures: A Book Journal for Kids by Anne Bogel

If you are using and enjoying My Reading Life you’ll love letting your young reader join you for journaling, and thinking about what they are reading now and what they want to read.

Give a gift to your future self

My Reading Adventures comes out on August 2, 2022, right as school is getting ready to start. Back to school is a busy time of year, so do yourself a favor and preorder now so you don’t have to think about it then! (You’ll also get some fun bonuses when you do so; more about that in a sec.)

By preordering, you also do a great service to authors and booksellers. Long story short: global print difficulties and continuing supply chain issues are the worst; your preorder goes a long way towards mitigating their effects on My Reading Adventures and any other books you’re eagerly anticipating.

Preorder bonuses for My Reading Adventures: A Book Journal for Kids by Anne Bogel

Reading lists and stickers and book mail, oh my!

Long story short: I begged my publisher to send you stickers in the actual mail as a preorder bonus, and to my surprise and delight: they said yes!

Everybody loves stickers—and so we collaborated to design a colorful sheet of stickers that work beautifully in the pages of My Reading Adventures and can be enjoyed right now by your child! (Check out the interior previews on our book page and to get a better idea of how your child can put those stickers to good use in their journal.) If you prefer to hang on to those stickers and give them to your child along with the journal in August, we promise not to tell.

When you preorder you also get two exclusive downloads: a guide for parents on how to encourage children’s reading adventures, and a book list featuring five of my favorite series for parents and children to read together.

To get your bonuses, preorder the book and fill out the form on this page.

The fine print: digital bonuses are available worldwide and will be sent immediately upon form submission. Stickers are available while supplies last.

How to preorder

Preordering is easy! Order your copy from your favorite on- or offline retailer, wherever new books are sold, including your favorite independent bookstore. (Most make it easy to preorder online or by phone. Use this ISBN: 9780736983099.)

How to claim your bonuses:

After you preorder, take your receipt and go to this page. Scroll down to “Preorder Bonuses” and enter your information below. (If you don’t take this step, we have no way to deliver your bonuses, so make sure you fill out the form!)

That’s it! You should get a confirmation email with your bonuses almost immediately.

Thanks for reading, and thanks so much for your support of My Reading Adventures!

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  1. Samantha says:

    Yay! Can’t wait. My daughter asked if you were making one for kids when I got mine in the mail. We’ve been waiting for this one!

  2. Stefanie Nordstrom says:

    This is so awesome Anne! I ordered two – one for the kiddo in my house and one for my goddaughter. Who can I reach out to about requesting 2 bonuses so I can hand one batch off to my goddaughter and her Mom?

  3. Pat Fish says:

    Delighted to see that you have a reading journal for children. I will be purchasing a couple for my 10 and 11 year old granddaughters. They are both voracious readers and frequently suggest books to me for my bookclub! I read a lot of the books they recommend and we have fun discussing them. One of their favorite authors is Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, The War I Finally Won and The War That Saved My Life. They also want me to continue to read to them at bedtime when they are visiting and that’s something that many parents and grandparents may not realize that older children enjoy. Thanks again and I’ve been hoping that you would focus on children – and here you are doing just that!

  4. Colleen Heidecker says:

    Yahooo! Just preordered 2 copies from one of our local indie bookstores! Can’t wait – these are obviously not just for me but one for me and one for my niece!!
    Thanks for creating these reading journals – what a difference the first one has already made to my reading life!

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