The Remains of the Day

The Remains of the Day

Series: Quintessentially British Audiobooks
Publisher: Random House Audio
Publication Year: 2019

I waited far too long to read this one. Jim Mustich, author of 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die,  and I chatted about Ishiguro’s famous novel on Episode 165 of What Should I Read Next. If you’re craving a road trip through the English countryside, or you just saw the Downton Abbey movie and need more stories of upstairs-downstairs dynamics, this book is for you. Stevens, longtime butler of an English country estate, takes a much-needed vacation to drive through the country and visit friends. Over the course of his trip, he reflects on his past exposing his quiet and unseen role in history. This book is indeed worth reading in this lifetime.

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About the Book

From the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, here is the universally acclaimed novel – winner of the Booker Prize and the basis for an award-winning film.

This is Kazuo Ishiguro’s profoundly compelling portrait of Stevens, the perfect butler, and of his fading, insular world in post-World War II England. Stevens, at the end of three decades of service at Darlington Hall, spending a day on a country drive, embarks as well on a journey through the past in an effort to reassure himself that he has served humanity by serving the “great gentleman”, Lord Darlington. But lurking in his memory are doubts about the true nature of Lord Darlington’s “greatness”, and much graver doubts about the nature of his own life.

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