J. Ryan Stradal
Kitchens of the Great Midwest: A Novel

Kitchens of the Great Midwest: A Novel

Daily Mail calls this "A tremendous novel that combines powerfully moving moments with hilarious satire." Elisabeth Egan said, "Eva Thorvald is the new Olive Kitteridge." From the publisher: "Have you met Eva Thorvald? To her father, a chef, she's a pint-sized recipe tester and the love of his life. To the chilli chowdown contestants of Cook County, Illinois, she's a fire-eating demon. To the fashionable foodie goddess of supper clubs, she's a wanton threat. She's an enigma, a secret ingredient that no one can figure out. Someday, Eva will surprise everyone. One by one, they tell their story; together, they tell Eva's. Joyful, quirky and heartwarming, this is a novel about the family you lose, the friends you make and the chance connections that make a life."

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