5 more of my favorite TED talks

5 more favorite ted talks | Modern Mrs Darcy

A few months ago I shared 5 of my favorite TED talks, and was promptly besieged for requests for more inspiration in 19-minute bursts.

These are 5 more of my favorite TED talks.

(The TED app is one of my favorites, making it easy to listen to TED talks on the go.)

Why a good book is a secret door, by bestselling children’s author Mac Barnett. This talk captures so much of what I love about reading, and children’s literature in particular. (My favorite part is the sign on the slushie machine.) I was delighted to see Barnett’s brand-new book Sam & Dave Dig a Hole prominently displayed at my local bookstore this week.

How to make stress your friend, by health psychologist Kelly McGonigal. I’m so grateful I encountered this talk when I did: one of my kids has been peppering me with questions about how to healthily manage anxiety, and this talk has helped me frame those discussions in a positive manner.

The paradox of choice, Barry Schwartz. I’m a born maximizer: NOT a good thing. Schwartz’s work has helped me learn how to fight that impulse and NOT make myself crazy. I highly recommend his book of the same name.

The puzzle of motivation, by Dan Pink. A fascinating (and funny) look at why traditional rewards don’t work—and what that means for the way we do education and structure our workplaces. Watch the talk, then read his outstanding book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. This is a paradigm-shifter.

On glamour, by journalist Virginia Postrel. This one is slow to get going; hang with it. Anyone who works with images (and if you’re online, that’s you) needs to watch it. A must-see for anyone who’s ever struggled with Pinterest envy.

What are your favorite TED talks? Which ones should I watch next?

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  1. I’ve listened to the Mac Barnett one and really liked it.

    Also, I just barely got my first smart phone (like two weeks ago), so I’m so glad you linked back to your favorite apps post. At the time (even though that post is not very old), apps were not on my radar, but now, of course, they are. And I’m finally feeling comfortable enough with my phone to branch out a little and try some new things.

  2. Christine says:

    I love when you share these. I enjoy listening to TED talks, but get so overwhelmed trying to narrow down my choices. I’m not even a “P” on the MBTI! Marking these to listen to later. Maybe I’ll put an earbud in one ear and listen while I pass out the Trick or Treat candy. 😉

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