11 things I learned in October

11 things I learned in October

Sharing 11 things I learned in October…

Seinfeld: "The Pen."

1. More of you are pen geeks than I ever could have imagined. Also learned: there was an entire Seinfeld episode devoted to the Fisher Space Pen. (Thanks, Heather!)

2. I really did quit Diet Coke. We were at an outdoor festival and they ran out of bottled water right before I reached the front of the drink line, so I got a Diet Coke instead … and it tasted gross. I threw it away immediately because I’m sure I could learn to like it again if I tried.

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child: The Heart of Parenting, John Gottman

3. John Gottman, author of the best book you’ve never heard of on making marriage work, also writes parenting books, including the one I’m reading now.

4. The comments on this post convinced me I need to try an eyelash curler.

Jane Austen postcards

6. I can buy a 100-pack of Jane Austen postcards for $20, and I’m dreaming up bloggy things to do with them. Maybe a project that mashes up snail mail with this project?

7. Coconut flour is dirt cheap on Amazon (at least compared to Whole Foods), so I’ve been delighting my kids by making a lot more of these.

I’m continuing to experiment with subscribe and save to further streamline my grocery shopping. There have been setbacks: like last week my order of Muir Glen tomatoes arrived with 3 badly dented cans, but Amazon is replacing them. And this month they’re sending me the Maldon sea salt I haven’t been able to find locally, just in time for the holidays.

8. My body hates canola oil. I happened to discovered this during my current Whole 30 (I’m on Day 21).


9. I’m a type 9 on the enneagram (despite originally thinking I was a 4). More on this soon.

10. All of a sudden I have endurance again. I started running–quite by accident, really–back in July. I’ve never loved running, but all of a sudden I’m enjoying it and have built up more range than I’ve had in years … without really meaning to. This is how it happened.

11. If you need to type a special character on your Mac, hold down the letter and a menu will pop up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled “how to type an umlaut.” No longer.

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  1. Beverly Kelsey says:

    Hi Anne,
    I was introduced to the Enneagram a year ago and find it interesting. David and I took the test and we are both sixes. I have a wing of 7 and his wing is 5. They also have a book called The Enneagram of Parenting. What did you think about the whole Enneagram thing?

  2. Jillian Kay says:

    I love amazon subscribe and save! It took me a while to set it up so that I was getting the right quantities at the right time, but now it runs like clock work.

    My pedometer led me to running again too, and walking 20 miles in a race one day. It’s crazy how one little thing can make a big difference.

  3. Betsy says:

    LOVE your list! Thanks for sharing it. I’m going to check out the Jane Austen postcards. 🙂 And what I really love about your list is what it communicates overall: there’s a bright world all around us full of things to learn and do!

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