Summer Reading Guide

Summer Reading Guide

If you’re anything like me, you think summer is made for reading. But nothing is more frustrating than picking up the latest (and much-hyped) new release to find that even though it’s a bestseller, it’s not the right book for you.

How do you enjoy the hits without wasting time on the misses?

Enter the summer reading guide.

This compact, user-friendly guide whittles the overwhelming array of readerly options down to just 30 titles: that’s 6 unique categories of 5 titles each—because a list of 5 great books is much more useful than a list of thousands.

You all know I love to read, and read a lot. You know where I’m coming from. If you like this blog—and the books I typically recommend here—you’ll find the titles here that are perfect for you.

Every book in there has earned its spot, and I’ve personally read them all, front to back. I can vouch for them, and answer any questions you have. In every description, I give you the information you need to help you decide not just if a book sounds good, but if it sounds good for YOU.


  1. We have a one-page Guide! I know that will make some of you very, very happy.
  2. A personalized reading list! On the Guide page, click the checkboxes to highlight the titles you’re most excited about (or check them all!) and click “print” or “email” to create your personalized summer reading list. Tuck it into your reading journal, take it to your local indie, hand it to your librarian.
  3. Summer reading goodies! We’ve created a printable (and oh-so-pretty) one-sheet Guide, along with summer reading bookmarks, to give your reading life a little boost this summer. Enter your email address at the bottom of the Guide page to get yours delivered to your inbox.

Ready to get started? Head here to access the guide.

If you love it, spread the book love! Share on your favorite social media platform or with your favorite bookish peeps. Our official hashtag is #summerstooshort—because summer is TOO SHORT to read bad books! I appreciate it so much—thanks a million.

Happy reading, everyone! – Anne

P.S. The 5-book minimalist Summer Reading Guide is coming this Friday! And those adorable summer reading buttons are free with any non-digital purchase in the shop, while supplies last.

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  1. Victoria says:

    So far I’m 8 books in to the list and haven’t hit a dud yet. Just started He Said, She said and was amazed to find out that I was actually present in Cornwall for the eclipse on August 10, 1999. In fact when I read the book blurb I told my husband that I had witnessed a solar eclipse from a cruise ship in Cornwall. This book list hits it out of the park, I’m thoroughly enjoying the curated list!!

  2. Sarah says:

    So I just read a book (it’s coming out June 30th), where I got an advance reader copy and it was sooo good. It’s called The Secrets of Islayne by a new author – Kari Lynn West. It’s YA fantasy and I only got into that genre because of your recommendations. Anyway, I highly recommend it.

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