The thirty-year rule.

The thirty year rule | Modern Mrs Darcy

I was given this advice nearly twenty years ago, when I was embarking on college visits. While on campus, attend as many classes as you can. Ask the professors for the course syllabi. Review the reading lists carefully. If the majority of the school’s required texts aren’t at least thirty years old, run for the hills. I find myself […]

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When the planes hit the Towers on 9/11, I was over the Atlantic Ocean, in a plane bound for New York City.


  9/11/2014 UPDATE: Since it took me years to write this post, I’m re-running it today, on this thirteenth anniversary of 9/11. I still think about this every single day. I tried to write this post in 2011, and then in 2012, and now in 2013 I’m hitting publish. I’m warning you: it’s a long one.  […]

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Trigger points.

I’ve had a post bumping around in my head for a while now about trigger points: I’m talking about those metaphorical buttons that may or may not cause us to flip out when they’re pushed too hard. And by a while, I mean a year or two. Someone told me a a couple of years ago that […]

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