My favorite household goods from a new service, and a big discount for MMD readers.

epantry my order

Welcome to Modern Mrs Darcy! Check out the most popular posts while you’re here. If you like what you see, subscribe here for free updates, or you can “like” the MMD facebook page here and receive new posts in your news stream. Thanks for visiting! I’m a huge fan of subscription services for household goods. I’d rather […]

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Books that are really engaging, but easy to read.

Books that are really engaging, but easy to read. | Modern Mrs Darcy

The details on this ongoing project, and the factors I’m taking to heart. Readers told me 3 books they loved, 1 book they hated, and what they’re reading right now. In turn, I’m recommending 3 books for each reader. (Or more, if I can’t help myself.) This week we’re choosing books for Carrie. Carrie is pregnant, and was hospitalized seven weeks ago with preterm […]

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Links I love.

my favorite tree

my favorite tree on my walking route • Isla Fisher tells Ryan Reynolds why she has so many copies of Jane Eyre. • Can you guess these books by their second lines? (I did way better on this than I expected.) • ‘Dating’ vs. ‘married': how text messages change over time. This dating couple said “hey” […]

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