Books worth binge-reading

Books worth binge-reading

I trust we’re all familiar with binge-watching. (Or is this just something I tell myself to make myself feel better about blazing through a season of Gilmore Girls in a week?)

Recently it’s been Sherlock and Veronica Mars. Before that it was The Office and Friday Night Lights. All were worth the time, but after so much screen time, I start to feel like I’d be better served by binging on books instead.

Since I read this post, I’ve been thinking about books I’ve binged on in the past, and what I’d like to include in future reading binges.

I have a long, (mostly) proud history of binge reading—and by binging, I mean “sat down on the couch and strongly resisted moving until I finished the last page.”

Books I’ve binge-read in the not-too-distant past include:

What Alice Forgot

I inhaled this like it was chick lit, but found myself mulling it over for weeks after I finished. More info →

Rules of Civility

A glittering and glamorous page-turner. More info →

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I suspect I’m in good company here. More info →

The Likeness

One of Tana French's Dublin Murder Squad series. Suspenseful, psychological thrillers. F-bombs galore. Trigger warnings required. More info →

I’ve also been plowing through deliberate practice books. Because I go on a topical binge every once in a while.

And I would love to find the time to binge-read these:

Starbridge Series

I've read Susan Howatch's Starbridge series (beginning with Glittering Images, set in the Church of England in the 1930s) before (maybe twice?) but it's time for a re-read. Each of the series' six books is self-contained, but is told from the perspective of a different character, allowing the reader to glimpse the same events from different viewpoints. There's lots of religion, sex, and psychoanalysis. This series isn't for everybody, but readers who love it really love it. More info →

The Mysterious Benedict Society

I've only read the first book in The Mysterious Benedict Society series and would love to curl up with the other three some weekend soon. More info →

The Eyre Affair: A Thursday Next Novel

There are 7 books so far in Jasper Fforde's comic fantasy, alternate history, nerdy and self-aware The Thursday Next series, and I've only read the first: The Eyre Affair. (Of interest: The Eyre Affair was frequently cited as a book you love AND a book you hate on the literary matchmaking survey.) More info →

Maisie Dobbs

Apparently I like to binge-read mysteries. More info →

Sherlock Holmes. I recently picked up an old edition that bound A Study in Scarlet and The Hound of the Baskervilles together, and flew through them both. I loved reading these stories after binge-watching Sherlock so recently, and seeing how true the modern scripts hew to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories despite the century gap. Now I want to read the rest (and then–let’s be honest–binge-watch Sherlock some more).

What do YOU like to binge read? Give us some ideas for our own lists in comments. 

P.S. 7 books I read over and over again, and 7 books that changed my life.

Books worth binge-reading

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  1. Sheryl Esau says:

    I agree with so many on the list and in the comments, but with all the mention of Distopian series, I’m surprised not to see The Unwind series. I could not put it down. Quit watching all TV until I was done. There’s a short story called UnStrung that fills a gap between the 1st and 2nd book that shouldn’t be missed.

  2. K. Williams says:

    I love the Tana French books. Have you read Ann Cleeves and Peter May? Along with the Charles Todd books, I could read these forever.

    • Brittany Miller says:

      I am reading it now and i am completely in love with it. When I’m done I’m going to read it over and over. I’m just in love with the care characters i wish she had written more than 8

      • Jessica Knudsen says:

        Book 9 is in progress, and there are several novellas about Lord John, as well as some shorter works about some of the other secondary characters. I think there are 2 more due out soon, as well.

  3. Rachel says:

    I’ve read two books in the Starbrige series on your recommendation and really did binge read them… After hunting for an interesting, attention grabbing book for my son, I read the Mysterious Benedict Society and although he wasn’t interested in the series at first, when he overheard me talking about it, he immediately picked it up and I think he’s read books 1, 2, & 3.
    It’s so fun to have these recommendations!
    Thank you!

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