The next best thing to reading: how 15 WSIRN listeners track their books

The next best thing to reading: how 15 WSIRN listeners track their books

Hello readers, it's Tuesday, and our new episode of What Should I Read Next is a little bit different. Today I'm talking with 15 different WSIRN listeners about how they track their reading. We cover the usual suspects—namely, Goodreads—but the variety of ways you all track your books is fascinating, inspiring, and so much nerdy fun to hear about. 

We cover it all in today's episode; I'm sharing the visuals that make some of the methods make more sense below. 

Pictured above: Elizabeth's commonplace book

The MMD printable reading journal

Alice's Trello method

Deanna's bookmarks

A peek inside Anne's bookish bullet journal

Another look at Anne's bookish bullet journal

If you keep a bullet journal, or want to learn more about it, check out Anne's just-released class Bullet Journaling for Book Lovers.

Also mentioned in this episode:

• Modern Mrs Darcy daily kindle deals
• How to download audiobooks from your smartphone to your library
• How to add any web page to your phone as an app icon (scroll down to #10)
Annie Jones's instagram account



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