Books (and Blogs) for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Books (and Blogs) for Your New Year’s Resolutions

books and blogs to help your new year's resolutionsWant to keep your New Years’ Resolutions? Read the right books (and blogs)

My favorite New Year’s ebooks are short, fun, and give you the practical tips and motivation you need to follow through on your resolutions. Here are a few of my favorites:

what the most successful people do before breakfastWhat the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast: A Short Guide to Making Over Your Mornings–and Life, Laura Vanderkam. Successful people purposefully use their mornings to focus on things that are important, but not urgent: things like nurturing your career, nurturing your relationships, and nurturing yourself. Read this guide, keep a time diary for a week as Laura suggests, and reap the benefits. (Read about my experience with making over my mornings here.)

The No Brainer Wardrobe, Hayley Morgan. If you want to look better in 2013, Hayley will help you whip your closet into shape for the New Year. It’s for women who want to “learn to love the clothes they have, lose the clothes they hate, and shop for items to fill the gaps.” Follow her suggestions to purge your closet, plan your go-to-outfits, and create a personal look book.

One Bite at a Time, Tsh Oxenreider. Tsh has carefully curated 52 projects to live more simply, such as establish a morning routine, downsize (and rotate) your kids’ toys, and switch to non-toxic cleaners. Each project is utterly do-able, broken into steps, and is (for the most part) finite. They can be tackled in any order; cross off one per week to cover all 52 in a year.

The right blogs will help you meet your goals

use blogs to focus on your goals

I love the books listed above, but in addition, I highly recommend seeking out the right blogs to help you meet your goals.

When you subscribe to a blog’s RSS feed (RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”), you’re asking that new content be delivered to you regularly. If you’re trying to maintain focus on your finances, or good health, or staying organized, having regular reminders appear in your feed reader helps you keep your eye on the ball.  (If you don’t think a feed reader is for you, you can always choose to subscribe by email and have new posts delivered to your inbox.)

Head over to read  Change Your Google Reader, Change Your Life for a more thorough discussion and a list of the blogs I subscribe to to stay focused on my goals.

UPDATE: Since Google Reader is no more, this is the best way (for me) to read blogs (right now).


Do you read books and blogs to stay focused on your goals? Share your favorites in comments. 

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  1. sarah says:

    I’ve landed on your blog a couple times and finally added you to my reader yesterday. Enjoying your writing!

    I recently read the “makeover your mornings” ebook. It was inspiring. I’ve tried and tried to be sucessful in the early rising routine. I’ve made progress, but not near where I need to be. I’d love to get up at 5 with my husband. He gets up so early to go round in the hospital on his cancer patients, and I’m hoping to get more morning time in this year, so more can be done. Its the going to sleep early part I’m struggling with. I’ll have to check your morning makover post out.

    I read a couple ‘healthy living’ blogs to stay focused on health goals. I lost 50 pounds over the last year or so, so need to keep going in that direction. I also re-read books that make me want to eat vegetables throughout the year. It’s like I keep forgetting how good they are for me.

    • Anne says:

      Sarah, I completely relate to your early morning struggle. I love to get up early, but I love to stay up late, too–and those two are NOT compatible!

      Wow, it sounds like you had a great year health-wise in 2012. Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

  2. Leanne Penny says:

    My mornings are utterly out of control, they seem to last until lunch. Which makes sense on the clock but not in real life. The issue is we usually don’t have anywhere we have to go so the only motivation to get going needs to come from me. (I sound whiney here…)

    I think I need those top four 😉

  3. Jennifer H says:

    Just saw in my Entertainment Weekly magazine (don’t judge, y’all, it was free with Coke Rewards points) that Sue Monk Kidd has a new book called the Invention on Wings. EW says “fans of The Help and Kidd’s own Secret Life of Bees will love this rich novel…” I LOVED both those books, so this is my new #1 must read of 2014. Woohoo – I’m only 66th on the library waiting list!

    • Anne says:

      Do you ever do audiobooks? I’m doing an Audible trial right now, and for my first pick I chose the one I was 80th for on the library waiting list. No waiting required!

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