Bloggity Highlights of 2012

Bloggity Highlights of 2012

Today’s a milestone: it’s the last day of my first full year of blogging. It’s been quite the year.

In January, I shared my goals for the year and spilled some secrets. In February, we had fashion week. (This was your favorite tip.)

In february, I attended my first blogging conference (Blissdom) and we had fashion week here on the blog.

I wrapped up the Modern Accomplished Woman series in March and headed back to Nashville for Killer Tribes.

In April, I shared my baby stories. One reader said the comments section “felt like a quilting bee” this week. We also had the Book That Changed My Life blog carnival this month.

In May, I released a summer reading guide (no longer available, but I’ll do it again next year). In June, I kicked off my Summer of Yes, was astonished at what my time diary experiment revealed, and gave you the first glimpse at my ebook topic.

In July, we took the first blog survey. In August, I did a video blog about my Summer Reading Fail, and we had the Perspectives on Life and Love blog carnival.

In September I headed to the Quitter Conference and released my ebook Work Shift: How to Create a Better Blend of Work, Life, and Family.

Anne Bogel speaking Influence Conference session

In October I spoke at the Influence Conference (read my husband’s recap here), and my home life changed significantly. I was also surprised to find out how many of you hate clothes shopping as much as I do.

Anne Bogel podcast work shift

In November, I released Paper Gains: A Guide to Gifting Children Great Books from Modern Mrs Darcy, and I recorded a podcast.

In December I told you about My Obsession, and was surprised at the enthusiastic response when I revealed which books I abandoned in 2012. I also did some scheming and dreaming for next year; more about that later.

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Thanks so much for reading in 2012! I’m excited about what’s in store for 2013….details coming soon!

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