How I find great kindle deals.

How I find great Kindle deals | Modern Mrs Darcy

I’ve always tried to share great Kindle deals on facebook and twitter, but there have been so many recently (for summer reading season, perhaps?) I decided to make a permanent page for them here on the blog. View it here.

You can bookmark the page, or visit the blog to check it. I won’t necessarily update it daily. (Sometimes there are great deals to be found, sometimes not.) But if I find something great, I’ll always share it there.

When I share Kindle sales, you always ask how I find them. Here are five ways I  find great Kindle deals: 

1. I get lucky. I blog about books, and spending time on Amazon is part of my daily workflow. When I pop over to link to a book, check a publication date, or verify a subtitle, sometimes I make a happy discovery. When I happen to find a great sale, I share it with you.

2. The publisher or authors tells me. This is another form of getting lucky. Publishers and authors often plan—or at least know about—Amazon’s Kindle promotions. Some sales last for just a day; some last for weeks. Either way, I’m always happy to get a heads-up so I can pass the information along to you.

3. An MMD reader tells me. You guys are great about sharing the book love. Many of you have been kind enough to share the great deals you’ve found with me, so I can share them with you.

4. I check the ebook deal sites. There are tons of these, as well as daily email services, but the only site I regularly use is eReaderIQ. I’ve found choosing the right filters is important: I typically search for books that are on sale for between $0.99 and $6, and are discounted by at least 10%. I check this site a few times per week.

5. I use the “customers who bought this item also bought…” feature on Amazon. I can’t explain why this works, but it does. I start by searching for a book I love and recommend—making sure I’m searching in the Kindle store—and can quickly page through other books I’m likely to enjoy, with their current prices. There will be a lot of duds in the mix, but I find winners often enough to make the search worthwhile.

If you have any tips or tricks for finding great Kindle deals, please share them in comments!

P.S. The budget summer reading guide, and how I make time to read.

Trying Popbasic’s first 9 to 5 collection.

Trying Popbasic's first 9 to 5 collection (the Jane) | Modern Mrs Darcy

Popbasic’s Jane collection, plus nude flats and my not-quite-stylish Jawbone Up band

I previously shared a little bit about fashion startup Popbasic, and my first experience with one of their micro-collections. When I asked on facebook if you wanted a closer look at their Jane collection, I got a resounding yes. Here goes.

Trying Popbasic's first 9 to 5 collection (the Jane) | Modern Mrs Darcy

Popbasic produces beautiful, luxurious staple pieces so that women can built their wardrobes over time. They sell these staples in three-piece “micro-collections,” which contain three pieces (plus a small goody or two) and sell for between $50-$100.

Jane is their first collection intended for 9 to 5. It includes:

• a blush pink tee, made of rayon and spandex (which gives it a bit of sheen), with a scooped hem. I’m wearing a medium.

Trying Popbasic's first 9 to 5 collection (the Jane) | Modern Mrs Darcy

• a black pencil skirt, made of a cotton poly blend (it feels like a heavy, high-quality knit), with a back zip and a kick pleat. (My instinct was to order the medium, even though my measurements put me at the very top of the “small” on Popbasic’s size chart. I tweeted Popbasic, and they told me the skirt was true to size, and I should probably order the small. They were right.)

• a brass deux loop necklace. (This was the clincher for me: my friend has a similar necklace that she wears all the time, and I could see myself doing the same.)

Trying Popbasic's first 9 to 5 collection (the Jane) | Modern Mrs Darcy

My box also included a card from pennie post and a thirty-pack of cleansing towelettes from the crème shop.

I’ve found the shirt looks cute with jeans for a casual look, the necklace goes with everything, and the pencil skirt is the perfect companion for this lace blouse I love but wasn’t quite sure what to wear with.

Popbasic Wanderlust collection—coming August 2014

a preview of August’s Wanderlust collection: a tee, necklace, and cardigan (unpictured). I am definitely ordering this one.

You can sign up for Popbasic mailings here, to stay up-to-date on their news and new collections. (You can also use this link to get $15 off your first purchase.)

This post includes my affiliate link, but isn’t sponsored or perked in any way. I’m just doing my part to spread the word about a startup I’d love to see succeed. 

Links I love.


a dollar’s worth of happiness from the farmers’ market

I’m experimenting with ways to share great links more often than in my monthly What I’m Into post, and more reliably than Facebook has proven to deliver. Let me know what you think.


• I have a German heritage AND a German minor, and still thought this interview with Luisa Weiss (author of My Berlin Kitchen) about parenting in Germany was chock-full of interesting tidbits.

• I didn’t love How To Tell Toledo from the Night Sky (I’m disappointed, too), but these marriage vows you never hear at weddings but totally should from author Lydia Netzer is perfection. (h/t Vanderbilt Wife)

The longlist for the Man Booker Prize is out. I’ve got some reading to do.

• I clapped and cheered at Deb Perelman’s announcement that she’s writing a second cookbook, because her first became an instant favorite around here. Beautiful photos, recipes that work, terrific writing.

14 signs you’re an old soul. (Me. Me. Me again.)

mmd collage 7.27.14

Best of MMD:

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My photos from the Jane Austen Festival.

A How She Does It story from my real life friend, who holds down an on-site office job, in a non-creative field, and still managed to reconfigure her work schedule just enough to volunteer in her son’s classroom (and make it to the gym).

My new ROYGBIV bookshelves.

Have a great Sunday!

13 thoughts on taking the rainbow bookshelf plunge.


Last week, I found myself standing face to face with four empty bookshelves, and I had absolutely no idea where to begin.

Until I did.

It looks like this.

I found loading this bookshelf to be as cathartic as a good burst of angry cleaning. I so enjoyed arranging and re-arranging, adding and taking out again, shuffling them to get the colors right, and musing all the way:

1. A blank slate can be paralyzing, but it can also be liberating. (Why not give those rainbow bookshelves you’ve always swooned over a try?)


2. Prepare for serendipity. Under the new system, my red copy of Pride and Prejudice goes first.

3. But prepare for some very strange encounters…


Nietzsche and Emily Freeman sit side by side. Huh.

4. … and a lot of culling. I moved too many books I don’t even like to our new house. Why, why, why?

5. Related: if you have stacks of boxes labeled “basement books” because you don’t like them enough to keep them upstairs, are they really worth keeping?


Growing Strong Daughters next to The Happiness Project. I like it. 

6. If a book gives you the heebie jeebies, get rid of it—even if it is a classic. (Goodbye A Clockwork Orange, Heart of Darkness, A Separate Peace.)

7. Unless it belongs to your husband. Don’t get rid of your husband’s books without asking him, even if you’re sure he doesn’t want them anymore. (You’ll be surprised at what he wants to keep.)


Krakauer’s Into Thin Air sandwiched between two Hemingway novels is oddly perfect. 

8. If you have two copies of a book, keep the prettier one.

9. But multiples are perfectly fine. I’m keeping my duplicate copies of Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Winnie the Pooh, thank you very much.


10. You’ll find an overwhelming amount of white books.

11. But many more purple books than you expected.


12. You could never arrange your office like this, but it’s beautiful in the living room. Can you live with it?

13. Time will tell.


The living room is coming together—finally!

 P.S. Other people’s bookshelves, and a peek at my own old bookshelves.