Enhancing my wardrobe (without all the work)

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A few months ago my friend showed up to church wearing an absolutely adorable top. Cheerful colors, a little bit boho—it was perfect for her, and she looked great.

“I have you to thank,” she said. “It’s from thredUP—thanks for telling me about them.”

I asked for details on the shirt, and she explained that she hadn’t picked it out herself, exactly—she’d signed up for a thredUP Goody Box, and thredUP stylists chose it for her box. With the Goody Box she found cute clothes she loved but wouldn’t have chosen for herself, and saved a ton of time and money in the process.

I like to shop secondhand because it’s good for the earth and good for my budget, but in practice it can be time-consuming. That’s why I’ve been using thredUP for years: they are the largest online thrift store and make secondhand shopping easy, convenient, and affordable.

thredUP Goody Box: Enhancing my wardrobe without all the work

Despite being a long-time customer, this was the first I’d heard about their new product called Goody Boxes. After my friend raved about hers, I had to try it for myself.

When you request a Goody Box, you start by filling out the thredUP style quiz, telling them what you do day-to-day, what kinds of items you do and don’t want, your favorite brands, and your sizes. You pay a small deposit, and thredUP stylists curate a personalized box of 10 secondhand items from brands you love at seriously discounted prices.

You keep what you like and return what you don’t, using the complimentary return label that comes in your box. Your deposit goes towards any purchase. It’s not a subscription: request a Goody Box whenever you’d like. 

thredUP Goody Box: Enhancing my wardrobe without all the work

I described my style (classic-ish), and told thredUP that I specifically wanted great tops, a few accessories, and dresses. I usually shop at J Crew, Anthro, and Banana Republic, and avoid mixed materials, shiny fabrics, and boxy cuts.

When my box arrived, I got to try everything on—at home, which was fantastic because dressing room lighting is the worst. I also loved having my current wardrobe at hand. It made it so easy to see which potential new additions would work well with what’s already in my closet.

thredUP Goody Box: Enhancing my wardrobe without all the work

If you follow me on Instagram you know I recently realized that every single one of my tops is navy, black, or white. I’m trying to branch out a little, so I was happy to find this green Banana Republic top in the box. It’s not a color I would have picked out for myself, but when I tried it on I liked the way it looked—and it goes well with pieces in my current wardrobe, like the jacket and pearls I paired it with above. It was just $11.99 instead of about $40 retail.

I loved this black dress from Trashy Diva ($29.99, 75% off an estimated $119 retail price—and it’s new with tags). It’s one of those pieces that doesn’t look particularly interesting on the hanger but curves in all the right places when you put it on. This brand is new to me, and I was happy to find it. I paired it with these great gold earrings in my box, a steal at $5.99, and black heels I found at thredUP earlier this year.

That Nine West crossbody bag also arrived new with tags, priced at just $17.99, 70% off the estimated $59 retail price.

thredUP Goody Box: Enhancing my wardrobe without all the work

One more dress: there was a time in my life when I loved the look of natural linen, but I don’t have any pieces this color in my closet right now. I was thrilled to receive a linen dress—with pockets(!). I adore pockets, and not many women’s dresses have them. This J. Crew dress was priced at $27.99, 80% off the estimated $158 retail price. Since I had easy access to my own closet, I could see I already owned the right accessories to make this an outfit. With my current jewelry and shoes, I could wear this tomorrow if I wanted to.

I found a lot of keepers in my thredUP Goody Box: three dresses, two shirts, a pair of earrings, and a new-to-me purse—and I didn’t have to visit a single store or even get in the car to do it. I’m pleased with my percentage of keepers, and now that I know what it’s like, next time I’ll try to be even more specific in what kinds of pieces I’m looking for.

Want to try a thredUP Goody Box? For a limited time, thredUP is offering Modern Mrs. Darcy readers a $10 deposit on their Goody Box (normally $20). Click here to order yours now!


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  1. Janean says:

    Seriously, could you be any cuter? My success rate of finding clothes I like is about .001%. Besides being a HSP, there must be some personality type that’s uber-fussy. ? (too scratchy, too bright, too poofy, too stiff, too something, too “look at me!”) J.Crew, Banana Republic (although I’ve never understood that name ?), Anne Taylor with a dash of Anthro is my style, sans *issues.* ?

  2. Dee says:

    Those dresses look fabulous on you! You are lucky to have a slender frame! You definitely wear those dresses well!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Your new wardrobe is super cute! Just a heads up to others, I went to try it (I mean for $10, right?), but they don’t offer plus sizes. ? Maybe someday…

  4. Mary Kay says:

    Your new (to you!) clothes look fantastic! I love this idea. Sometimes with thrift stores I’ve noticed a funky smell- is this ever an issue with thredUP?

    • Amelia says:

      I shop ThredUp all the time, and I’ve never noticed a particularly weird smell (and I’m pretty sensitive to smells). Sometimes the clothes do smell like they’ve been hanging up in a warehouse (that dusty, been-a-while-since-last-washed-but-not-worn-either smell), but that’s always gone away with a normal wash cycle with my regular detergent. You probably wouldn’t want to wear it out somewhere straight out of the box, but I’ve never gotten anything from ThredUp that smelled like it came from a smoker’s house or smelled mildewy or anything like that.

  5. Lauri says:

    Beautiful clothes! I started using ThredUp and Stitch Fix after reading about them from you! (and some friend testimonials on Stitch Fix) I love not having to go out and look for things. I had considered the goody box in the past but for a discount? Done and done! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Casey Martin says:

    Trashy Diva makes great dresses! I used to live in New Orleans, and have several purchased off the clearance rack. My favorite is a silk flapper dress that is so heavy with beads, it can’t be hung up for storage. They excel at figure-flattering vintage styles. NICE finds, Anne!

  7. Jennifer O. says:

    I’m really disappointed that ThredUp now charges a re-stocking fee. It really affected what I chose to actually order – taking fewer chances on things.

  8. Kristie says:

    As a couple others mentioned, no plus sizes. 🙁
    Ah, well. I really hate clothes shopping and thought it might be worth a try. I need new jeans desperately and am having no luck.

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