Sweaters for every fall wish list

I’m far from the only person who looks forward to sweater weather. It’s not quite time to break out the sweaters here in Louisville but that hasn’t kept me from exploring all the possibilities for this fall and winter.

I have a good excuse. I realized earlier this year just how long it had been since I bought anything other than workout clothes. My wardrobe needed some freshening up! I found a great sweater at a local boutique—unfortunately, they don’t sell online so I have nothing to link to but I wish you could see the particular shade of blue. It’s not a color I’ve worn before and I haven’t seen it anywhere else, even in all my perusing. Fall is a good time for fresh starts—and for considering new-to-you colors and styles, apparently.

While I think about which of these options need to become a permanent part of my wardrobe, I’ll also be stocking up on Laundress Wool & Cashmere spray, which I originally found through MMD blog comments. It’s my go-to for easy sweater care.

I hope you enjoy this roundup of fall sweaters as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

American Giant Merino Wool Crew Sweater

I’ve been trying different items from American Giant ever since they became a sponsor of What Should I Read Next and I was persuaded by the numerous glowing reviews of their classic sweaters to try them for myself. (They gave me a special discount to share with you: take 20% off your first order with the code DARCY at checkout.)

Halogen V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

A classic v-neck in a very fall color. What’s not to love?

CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan

A friend introduced me to this cardigan a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. I already have it in two colors and I’m thinking I about adding another one.

J. Crew Cashmere classic-fit crewneck sweater

Why do cashmere sweaters seem to have the very best colors? I’m especially drawn to the Summit Green (seen here), Dusty Mint, and Bright Poppy from J. Crew.

Madewell Striped Whitworth Mockneck Sweater in Coziest Yarn

It’s hard for me to resist a sweater with solid stripes like this, and it’s probably obvious how much I love navy for its versatility.

Universal Thread Crewneck Pullover Sweater

The textured cable knit really caught my eye, as did the colors. (This one’s making me nostalgic: I had a sweater similar to this that I LOVED in high school!)

Boden Berkshire Coatigan – Charcoal Melange

Boden has such happy sweaters this season! I love this cardigan, and this Fair Isle is pricey but so gorgeous.

Everlane Cashmere Collared Sweater

Everlane has been a sweater staple for a while, especially their cashmere. I’ve got my eye on these collared versions, which I’ve never worn but love on other people.

Banana Republic Seamless Merino V-Neck Sweater in Responsible Wool

I love this shade of green and apparently so do many other people. It looks like it’s going fast! The ivory is also beautiful.

Old Navy Oversized Marled Voop-Neck Tunic Sweater for Women

Could this look any cozier? I always need a couple of good slouchy options for comfy weekend (and let’s be honest, work-from-home) wear.

Gap Softest V-Neck

Labeling something as the “softest” pretty much means you have to test it out for yourself, right?

Anthropologie Square Patchwork Kimono

Is it a cardigan, a jacket, or the perfect layering piece for this chilly season? Yes.

Do you have your eye on any sweaters? Please share in the comments.

P.S. 5 tips for cozy sweater care and 6 fall style essentials.

Sweaters for every fall wish list


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  1. Julia Reesor says:

    I’m happy to hear about Boden! I am checking out this company. I have also acquired many sweaters and tops from Neon Buddha – a quality and responsible clothing company.

  2. Colleen Bonilla says:

    Through some strange miracle, we’re actually experiencing cool, fall-like weather here in Los Angeles (hardly ever happens…we often skip fall altogether and just go straight from hot, hot summer to chilly winter). I’m so excited! I’ve been wearing my thick sweaters around the house and to walk the dog in the evening. I absolutely love it!

  3. Gina says:

    Oh my goodness! I love sweaters. I LOVED that Anthropologie kimono and was going to splurge and get it but I went to add to cart and it was gone!! So sad.

  4. Desert Island Bookworm says:

    My wardrobe & reading tend to the unusual, off the beaten track. When I can’t find clothes that feel “me”, I make them. I like look of lacy leaf cardigan worn by Jennifer Lopez recently in LA, but not price–$4000 (alpaca yarn).
    To suit your own style & budget, maybe combine two interests, handcrafting while listening to audio books (tho Jo in LITTLE WOMEN could knit stockings while reading aloud to her sisters).
    Written works by JANE AUSTEN inspired several books of knit & crochet patterns; there are at least three books of knitting wizardry for fans of HARRY POTTER.
    Book LITERARY KNITS pays tribute to 30 literary classics.
    My personal home library includes tall bookcases of vintage patterns dating back to 1800’s, but there are tons of FREE patterns online which could make you feel like a character in a favorite book!

    • Peggy says:

      My grandmother was a fabulous seamstress. Made many of my mothers clothes. She also taught my mother to sew. Unfortunately I never asked to learn and honestly don’t have the patience at this point to learn. But I love that you make your own stuff. It’s a fabulous gift.

  5. Suzy says:

    Obviously Anne is not at the “hot flash” stage of life yet— Can’t wear cute sweaters anymore, even in Maine! I wear a red/black plaid flannel poncho that I can fling off easily when the need arises. It’s very cozy when I feel cool.

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