The 2017 Reader Survey

The 2017 Reader Survey

If you’re reading via email or a feed reader, you may need to click over to the blog for this one. (Thank you!)

Every summer, we do this little reader survey to take the temperature of the blog. I love reading your responses every year, and can’t believe it’s time for Annual Survey #6!

We have a few straight-up demographic questions for you. A few questions about your reading habits. We added several questions because some of you are burning with curiosity about the answers. And a few questions that tell us more about you as individuals.

The whole thing should take 5 minutes or less.

Thanks so much for your input. I appreciate it–and you!–so much.

(If the embedded survey gives you any trouble, please answer it here. Honestly, the non-embedded version available at that link is a lot prettier and easier to see.)

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  1. Annie says:

    Hi, The survey is always fun and makes me think! Love it.
    Just a quick comment, though– one item on the survey isn’t formatted correctly. The question about where we hear of new MMD posts only allows one answer instead of “check all that apply.”
    Thanks for all you’re doing!

  2. Sonia Galea says:

    A glitch on the survey when responding; screen would flip to the bottom of the page after every response requiring a scroll back up to confirm the response was registered and to move to the next one.

  3. Carol says:

    One question has a glitch that allows only 1 answer rather than select all that apply.
    Every time an answer is selected the survey jumps to the bottom of the page and requires you to scroll back up to see the next question.
    (I’m on an iPad)

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Carol!
      I used Annes link, “please answer it here” at the end of her post and didn’t have any problems with clicking multiple answers or the page jumping. Hope that helps!

  4. Desiree says:

    Hi Anne!
    I completed the survey…but I couldn’t decide team Darcy/team Blythe it was soooo hard.
    Thanks for all you do!

    • Anne says:

      Oh no! I hope this was the embedded version. Thanks for persevering, and everyone else, please click the link to actually take the quiz if it’s giving you trouble!

  5. says:

    For some reason I do not receive your emails any more. I have signed up to receive them again many times but I am still not getting them. I am sad.

  6. Donna H. says:

    I’m so curious for the results-thanks in advance for sharing them with us. I also always enjoy the ‘what’s saving your life right now’ question, that’s one of my favorite posts to read the comments on (maybe we need this once a season?). Also can’t wait to hear people’s favorite book of the year-I have a lot of faith in your followers to pick excellent books!

  7. Mandy Turner says:

    A little misleading… it took me way more than five minutes to make a decision about my best book of the year so far, and I’m still not 100% about the one I eventually chose! ? When you have 90 books to decide between…

  8. Erin in CA says:

    Hoping you’ll do an MMD Book Club survey as well, since it’s been around for a year!

  9. Mary in Tennessee says:

    So hard to do on my iPad! Why does it jump to the bottom w each selection??

    • Anne says:

      You’re not the only one to have a problem on an iPad. Click the survey link in the post and it should work perfectly, if your experience is like that of other iPad users.

      • Ronda says:

        Clicking the link in the survey post didn’t work for me. Still jumping around( using the iPad).

  10. Chelsea B says:

    Hi Anne! Happy Independence Day! I filled out the survey, but as I settle into my backyard to read a book on this beautiful day I realized I wishI had asked a question in my response: have you ever given recommendations on the most comfortable chairs to read in? Here I’ve thrown a blanket over a wrought iron patio chair (in a sorry attempt at comfort) and I’m thinking “there must be a better way!” I have friendly pets (including a 1 foot long African Tortoise that roams the backyard) that tend to make the typical picnic-blanket setup not feasible, but I’m at a loss as to what type of outdoor furniture would stand up to a few quiet hours of reading outdoors. I’d also be interested to learn what chairs are the best for curling up in on a cold winter evening. I apologize if you’ve already covered this topic, but I would love to get some great tried-and-true recommendations!

  11. Beth says:

    As if anyone could ever choose between Darcy and Gilbert?! (But I loved the survey – thanks!)

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