Stitch Fix lately (and a new styling service for women).

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Today I’m sharing some recent favorites from Stitch Fix, plus a little about my first experience with the brand-new service Trunk Club for Women.
The last time I posted about Stitch Fix was back in March, when I shared my best Stitch Fix tips. If you’ve never used the service, or are a current customer who wants to get the most out of it, I recommend taking a few minutes to read that post.

I still use the service (to answer a survey question), and I’m still happy with it, mostly because I hate shopping. With Stitch Fix, I can have the clothes I need without spending time shopping or setting foot in a dressing room. For me, those are resounding positives.

A few recent favorites from summer and early fall:

sunflowers and white eylet

White eyelet blouse from Skies Are Blue.
Boyfriend jeans from Mavi Gold.
You can barely make out a gold etched cuff from Gorjana.

stitch fix selfie

Cheery plaid buttondown from Olive and Oak.
Black cuffed shorts from Dear John.

library haul 9.15

This leather tote from 41 Hawthorne isn’t new, but it’s my all-time favorite Stitch Fix piece. If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen it in my library haul photos, like the one above.

I loved my summer uniform, and have been thinking hard about what my fall uniform will look like. This is one variation of an early fall go-to outfit.

Early fall uniform: tee with a little summer extra, dark skinny denim, pendant, large tote, Tieks

A tee or top with a little something extra, like these polished sleeves and lace detail. (Loveappella)
Dark wash skinny jeans from DL Premium Denim.
Arrow pendant from Brisa.
Striped tote (reversible!) from Street Level.
Not from Stitch Fix: those are tangerine Tieks, and I kicked them off my feet to snap this photo. (A note about those flats: shoes are something I splurge on because I have giant, impossible-to-fit feet, and when I find a pair that fits, I snap it up.)

This is what that outfit might look like in a few weeks when the weather turns cooler:

Fall uniform: tee with a little summer extra, dark skinny denim, pendant, large tote, moto jacket, Tieks

Tee, denim, pendant: same as above.
Lace bomber jacket from Tart.
Leather clutch from Street Level.
Gold flats.

Also in heavy rotation lately:

Citizens of Humanity denim

Bootleg jeans from Citizens of Humanity, because Stitch Fix now carries premium denim. Prior to now, I have owned exactly one pair of premium jeans in my life: they were from Paige, I bought them off eBay when I was pregnant with baby #4, I wore them darn close to every day for six months, and they were awesome.

Buying premium denim is scary. (Is it just me? I don’t think it’s just me.) Most denim these days has a little stretch to it. When you try on jeans in the dressing room, you want them to be a little too tight, because they’ll stretch out a half size over the course of a day. But you don’t want them to be a lot too tight, or they’ll look bad and feel worse. It’s a guessing game.

Stitch Fix denim stack

But with Stitch Fix you try on clothes at home: you don’t have to decide based on three minutes in a dressing room if the size is right. I put on those jeans and wore them around the house for more than an hour—and could have worn them for longer—before I was confident that they actually fit.

When you typically buy premium denim, the jeans come super long and usually need to be custom hemmed. Stitch Fix just happened to send me jeans that were already the perfect length for flats. My advice: if you request jeans, specify if you want them hemmed for flats or for heels. Better yet, provide your inseam.

Head here for more tips on getting your best fix, including my past Stitch Fix favorites and what I’m leery of getting from them.

*****     *****     *****

Trunk Club for Women

Stitch Fix fans, take note: you may be interested in knowing that the popular men’s styling service Trunk Club recently opened their doors to women. There’s a short waiting list: sign up here.

Will had a great experience with Trunk Club in the past, so I jumped at the chance to give them a try.

After emailing back and forth with my assigned stylist, they sent me 14 items from brands including Rag and Bone, Madewell, Joe’s Jeans, Rebecca Taylor, Vince Camuto, and Kate Spade New York.

You try everything on at home, keep what you love, and return what you don’t.

A few of my garments from Trunk Club for Women

a few of the garments Trunk Club sent me: State blouse, Rag and Bone top, Kate Spade dress, Madewell shirt, Vince Camuto blouse

Out of 14 items I kept exactly …. zero.

A few of my garments from Trunk Club for Women

Rag and Bone blazer, Shoes of Prey Oxfords, AG jeans, Joe’s jeans, Rag and Bone jeans

I felt terrible sending everything back, but nothing was a keeper. Several items were too good: I already owned them. Some items were close-but-not-quite: jeans that were perfect but for some weird 70s-style pockets, a blouse I loved but was a little too sheer, a blazer that was the tiniest bit too big. But nearly half the items were the wrong season for my region.

My advice: when you fill out your Trunk Club survey, be very specific about what you own, what you need, and what season you’re shopping for. Climates vary widely within the U.S., so don’t make your stylist guess. 

How to give feedback for Trunk Club for Women

P.S. This post isn’t sponsored or perked in any way, but Stitch Fix and Trunk Club both have terrific referral and affiliate programs and the links to both sites are my affiliate links.

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    • Anne says:

      I think it depends. I love mine: they fit me well (although I wear a 12 in Tieks and a 10 1/2 super wide in most other shoes) and serve my needs (I want city shoes, not athletic wear, for everyday). I walked ten miles in these in NYC every day and my feet felt great. But if your foot is a true half size or you need arch support, Tieks aren’t going to be great for you.

  1. Colleen says:

    I just wanted to let you know that my 2-year-old was looking over my shoulder and she saw the picture of your fall uniform, and she said (direct quote): “Look at her beautiful clothes! And her beautiful bag! And her BEAUTIFUL red shoes!” 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    I’ve given up on Stitch Fix because my last few boxes were way off the mark, no matter how much I tweaked my profile and my note to my stylist. I’m super excited about Trunk Club – my stylist sent me word that my first trunk is on its way! I’m hoping for just one to two great items…

  3. Faith R says:

    Loooooove your plaid shirt. I’ve noticed plaid shirts EVERYWHERE lately. I bought a couple cute lightweight plaid button down shirts at Target & Old Navy and I loooooove them. I’ll probably get some heavier ones for when the weather turns – because I just had a baby and these shirts are going to be figure flattering while I get back into shape.

  4. LoriM says:

    Hm, now I have to think about Stitch Fix again.

    I am loving ordering SHOES by mail, delivered (free) to the office (breaks up the monotony a little, saves lugging boxes up and down stairs at home), wearing them around the carpeted floors for a bit – and THEN deciding whether to keep or put in a box for the UPS man to pick up (again for free).

    It would be great to do that with clothes, too!!!

  5. Jo says:

    We need Trunk Club over here in the UK. It would be perfect for my GF who loathes shopping but has a very simple style. A box full of new jeans, t-shirts, shirts and so on from her preferred places once a season would do her nicely! As it is, I have to do that myself at the moment!
    I love the tangerine Tieks, I wonder if they ship to the UK? So many nice things…so far away!

  6. Havok says:

    I adore the idea of not having to go out and find clothes, but I’ve a feeling that size issues wouldn’t be worth any of these subscription-type things. Which is saddening, because who *really* wants to go out and about trying to find the perfect pair of jeans if they can be sent to your door? But, in the end, I’ve not seen how well these companies do so far as choosing sizes between brands and such (and just how different sizes between brands are, sadly!).

    • Anne says:

      I’ve been very surprised at how good my odds have been with their denim in particular. I feel like I have to try on twenty pairs of jeans in a mall dressing room before finding the ones that fit, so it doesn’t seem like the ones from Stitch Fix would be too likely to fit—but I have great luck with them. Or at least so far—knock on wood. 🙂

  7. Becca says:

    So you say you have a wide foot? So then who do you buy your shoes from? I have to know because finding shoes that fit and are comfortable is like finding the holy grail.

  8. Vanessa says:

    I have used stitch fix for a few years now and the best thing about it is getting a beautiful big box of clothes at the door. It’s really fun. I have purchased one thing every time and I’m sure it’s taken me to some nice pieces that I’d never have tried on my own. On the other hand the prices are high, I am a compulsive bargain shopper, not the other way around, so that’s a hurdle for me. Finally the concept that the clothes are chosen based on computer modeling of my preferences and what I’ve purchased in the past doesn’t hold up at all. Clothes, styles and colors are not predictable at all. I don’t ever feel that “they know me,” I often feel the opposite. Nonetheless, there is some joy in it and I just started to space out my deliveries by a few months to make the expense more manageable.

  9. I’ve had such great results with StitchFix by being really specific about what I’m looking for. They dressed me head-to-toe for a wedding this summer, and it couldn’t have been easier! I’m wondering if you have any additional tips if you want them to help you build a “uniform” wardrobe for the season? I’m already pretty specific about the things I’m looking for and where I have gaps in my closet, but I still seem to end up with pieces that don’t mix-and-match well.

    • Anne says:

      I often ask for things by category or collar, like “collared shirts” or “black tops.” Do you have a color palette you tend to stick to? It could even be something as basic as “fall tones.” Telling your stylist to keep you in a certain window will bump up the odds of your pieces coordinating.

      (I’m not much of a mix-and-matcher myself—after some experimentation I’ve learned I like getting dressed better when I stick with neutral bottoms—so my wardrobe might not be as challenging.)

  10. Anne says:

    Oh, I love that blue and orange. I’ve realized over the years that I am a big fan of plain clothing with a fun pop of color for shoes. I usually pick red.

  11. Jen says:

    My husband used Trunk Club and everything was super nice but super expensive. I use Stitch Fix and don’t plan on switching to Trunk Club. I also buy a lot online. Because of that online shopping I’m always purging. I used Twice one time before they closed down. Does anyone else know of a company like Twice where you can send in your clothes and they give you money for them? Who has the time to take their clothes to different consignment shops and wait for them to go through them anymore? I loved that Twice would donate the items they didn’t want so even though you didn’t get money for them they were still out of your house!

    • Jenna says:

      ThredUP is fairly similar to Twice, but they take more lower end brands along with the high end. I haven’t purchased from them yet, but I just sent in my first sell-bag of clothes a few days ago. Apparently they do $10 off each of your first two orders if you sign up with an invite link, so here’s mine:

    • Lauren B says:

      I use ThredUp frequently and highly recommend it. They have lots of detailed info on their site about what they will and won’t accept. I particularly love that it’s responsibly donated if they cannot sell it. I like buying my premium jeans on ThredUp. 🙂

  12. Catherine says:

    I have enjoyed Stitch Fix for a couple of years now. Usually find something I really love (the brown leather tote is still one of my favorites!). Every now and then I’ll get a fix that doesn’t work at all, but for the most part, as one who loathes shopping, this is a great option. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Rebecca Nunciato says:

    I don’t see how to give you credit for the referral. I signed up today and get my box in a couple weeks. Is there a way to give you credit?

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