First Impressions: Stitch Fix, Round 2

Last month I told you about a new shopping service I’d tried called Stitch Fix. I love it because clothing shopping is a hated chore I want to streamline, but plenty of women who love to shop enjoy this service, too.

Stitch Fix is an online shopping and styling service that sends you 5 clothing and accessory items each month, specially chosen for you based on your answers to a very detailed style survey (and, for repeating customers like me, my feedback on my prior fixes). You can read all about my first experience with Stitch Fix here.

When I asked on the MMD facebook page if you all would be interested in hearing about my second shipment, you gave a resounding “Yes!”

Here’s what was in my second fix:

1. GLAM mission 3/4 sleeve V-neck blouse. I knew when I opened my package that I would love this blouse and want to keep it. It was quite similar to a blouse I’d found at a local shop earlier this fall, but didn’t buy because they were sold out of my size. But I changed my mind when I tried it on. Not flattering at all for my body type. Pass.

2. Tashi fleur-de-lis studs. I’m just now realizing that I violated a cardinal Stitch Fix rule with these earrings. I don’t like the way shaped studs look on me, so I didn’t even try them. (Stitch Fix rightly encourages you to try everything on.) Pass.

3. Ark n Co Clarke striped blazer. This knit blazer was cute on, and I loved the way they styled it on the styling tag (with a turquoise dress, and with a black top, dark jeans, and a statement necklace). But the fit wasn’t just right. Pass.

4. RD Style Cowell Knit Hi-Low Sweater. This felt like a comfortable old sweater…but it wasn’t priced like it. Pass.

5. (shown below) Miilla joelle asymmetrical sheath dress. I was sure I was going to return this one right out of the box. When I took it out of the box, I thought it was a one-shouldered dress. I like that look, but I don’t have anyplace to wear a dress like that this season.

But I wanted to see what it looked like on, so I tried it anyway…

Stitch Fix is in my head

I asked my husband to check out all these items as I tried them on, and trying on that dress was comical. I couldn’t figure out how to get it on (I was still stuck on my first impression–that it was a one-shoulder dress) so I consulted the styling tag to see what it was supposed to look like, and got that figured out.

Then I checked my closet to make sure I owned some shoes to go with it (yep, nude pumps). The styling tag confirmed I’d made a good choice. Then I asked my husband, “What kind of jewelry do you think I’m supposed to wear with this?”

Yep, that’s on the styling tag, too.

We were laughing at what a great business model Stitch Fix is: They sent me a dress I thought I would hate but ended up loving, answered all my questions on the styling tag, and made it really easy for me to say “yes.” I love the dress (the one I was sure I’d be sending back when I first opened the box), I need the dress (seriously, I have literally nothing to wear to a wedding next month), it’s a great price ($58), and since I’d already paid my $20 styling fee, I could either forfeit my $20 by sending everything back or pay $38, hang the dress in my closet, and cross “buy a dress for the wedding” off my list.

Here’s what the dress looked like on:

I don’t know if that’s the jewelry I’ll wear with the dress; I just really wanted to try on my new necklace from NS Pottery.

A couple of things Stitch Fix users need to know:

1. If you don’t want a shipment, tell them.

When I signed up for Stitch Fix, I requested that shipments be sent to me automatically each month. But right now, I don’t get  emails asking me whether or not I want to receive my next Fix. (Stitch Fix is in beta and they’re still tweaking their system.)

I visit the “Schedule a Fix” tab on the Stitch Fix home page to change the date of my next shipment or deactivate automatic shipments. For example, my next fix was scheduled to arrive on my doorstep December 23, which seemed horribly inconvenient. I visited that page and changed it to the first week of January so I can enjoy going through my Stitch Fix box at a relaxed pace.

2. If you want a shipment, ask for one. 

Stitch Fix told me in response to an email request that right now emails aren’t going out as they should to customers who aren’t signed up for automatic shipments like I am, asking them if they’d like a “fix.” (Again, they’re in beta and still tweaking their system.” So if you’re a StitchFix user and you’d like a fix, follow the same directions above. Visit the “Schedule a Fix” tab and request a shipment. Right now, they’re not going to remind you if you’re not signed up for automatic shipments.

On the “Schedule a Fix” page, you can also further customize your order by telling them if you’d like something special included in the order (like a great dress for a 4:00 January wedding).

If you’re interested in test-driving Stitch Fix, here’s what to do:

1. Sign up. Stitch Fix is in beta, so you need an invite: here’s yours. You’ll typically be put on a waiting list–I didn’t know this was normal and was bummed to be wait-listed, but I was off the waiting list and ready to go about 6 hours later. The latest reports I’ve heard have been anywhere from 1 to 5 days.

2. Fill out your style profile, answering questions about your lifestyle, body shape, and style preferences. (It took me about 10 minutes.)

3. Schedule your fix.

4. Come back and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear all about your experience.

Do you have any experience with Stitch Fix? Are intrigued, a fan, or do you think you’d hate it? Post thoughts to comments! (And bonus points to anyone who caught the Pride and Prejudice reference in the post title. Did you?)

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  1. Sarah says:

    I LOVE Stitch Fix! So far I’ve only gotten one shipment, but plan to schedule another for delivery just before Christmas. I also had some things in my shipment that I would have skipped over in the store but ended up loving!

    • Dorothy says:

      Love the dress and I am anticipating my first “fix” next week! I love shopping, but have a terrible time finding things that fit my body and style. I’ll reply again once my shipment arrives and I’ve tried everything on!

        • Dorothy says:

          So sad to say that nothing in my box, except the scarf, fit me. Even that was overwhelming to my short, stout body. I sent them all back and will have to really think about ordering again. I dream of the day when petites get the same treatment as misses styles. It is a good thing I enjoy shopping!

          • Anne says:

            Dorothy, that must be so tough! I’ve never shopped in the petite section in my life, but I do need “tall” styles in order for my sleeves to not look ridiculous.

            Wishing you many a happy shopping ship, in stores with well-stocked petite sections!

  2. Missy G. says:

    I’m sold. I find myself wanting to go shopping for new items frequently since my current wardrobe is about 5 years old. I just have no time or desire to go to the mall, fight crowds, search for a deal, try things on, yuck. Thanks for posting your experience.

    • Anne says:

      “I just have no time or desire to go to the mall, fight crowds, search for a deal, try things on, yuck.”

      Yep, I can relate to that. (Although I do enjoy browsing our town’s new Anthro. But a trip there uses up all the shopping stamina I have!)

  3. HopefulLeigh says:

    Funny enough, that sweater was in my first Fix and I kept it. I lurve it but then again, I’m a sweater whore.

    That dress is terrific! It looks great on you. I would go for a statement necklace. Or for non-wedding wear, casual it down with a fun scarf.

    • Anne says:

      I think I would have liked it better if I wasn’t so dang tall! The proportions weren’t quite right on me. (Although it would have worked for a cozy Saturday 🙂 )

      I like your scarf idea for the dress!

  4. mandie says:

    Anne! That dress looks great on you! 🙂

    I signed up with them probably 4 months or so ago, and still have yet to hear back. I’m sortof not impressed. And yes, I’ve checked my spam folder & even tried to re-sign up, only for them to tell me I already exist in their system. So, yeah.

  5. Sarah says:

    I love to shop but I also LOVE this concept! Mostly because, since having Libby, I find that when I go shopping, one of several things happens:

    1) I am so rushed that I don’t have time to really look at things and have a mission to “grab and go”

    2) I get wrapped up in looking at all the cute girly clothes for Libby, instead of looking for me!


    3) I get frustrated because I can’t find my size/style/etc.

    Cannot wait to try Stitch Fix for myself! I requested an invite a week or so ago but still am anxiously awaiting to hear from them! Love, love, love the dress you wound up keeping, Anne! Perfect!

    • Anne says:

      Yep, I can relate. Seriously, shopping for kids is so much more gratifying. It’s easy to find (for them, not for us grown-ups!) the right fit and the right size, and if the outfit makes their booty look kind of big that’s a good thing 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Catherine, you’re not the only person who’s told me this! I emailed Stitch Fix and asked them how long my readers could expect to hang out on the waiting list, just so they’d know, and this is what I heard back:

      “Yes, that question comes up a lot! To be honest, it varies each week. It depends on their style, size, and ultimately our inventory status. We like to explain to people that we are continuously letting people in, but on average it can take up to 3-4 weeks. We really are trying our best to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible, so patience is key!”

      I hope that’s helpful…and it sounds like it should be soon for you 🙂

      • Tim says:

        So I figure that the reason they have so much that suits you, Anne, must be because you are a person of great style. At least, that’s the impression I get from your wonderful written stylings here at MMD!

  6. I really want to try it because I hate shopping for myself. But I’m not sure my husband would be on board. He looked over my shoulder as I was looking at the Stitch Fix site the other day and just said, “NO.” I’m not even sure he knew what I was looking at. lol

  7. Catherine says:

    I just got my StitchFix and wanted to come back to comment – I got an email just a few days after this post, so you were right, only a few more days to wait. I had a very similar experience to your first fix – several of the items were cute, but didn’t look right on me, and in my case they sent pierced ear earrings, even though I had specifically said my ears aren’t pierced (actually I have an extreme metal sensitivity, but in any case, I don’t wear them). The one piece I loved was a gray cardigan – cut perfectly, fits beautifully – probably maybe $20 more than I usually spend on such pieces, but since its here and *perfect* I’m keeping it. I’m not sure if I’ll keep getting the fixes, since even though I put the least expensive options, everything I got was a lot more than I would probably normally want to spend. But maybe every few month as a little wardrobe kick start it would work. 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Catherine, thanks for the update! I wish I could see a picture, but I’ll let my imagination run away with “cut perfectly, fits beautifully.”

      If you do get another fix in the future, I would definitely say in the comments of your profile what price point you’re looking for. My experience is that they follow through on those requests.

  8. lynnbelo says:

    stitchfix must have gotten a huge wave of new users, because I’ve been on the waiting list for 2 weeks so far…impatiently waiting. 🙂

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