All about the fantastic Reading People pre-order bonuses: what they are and how to get yours

Readers, I’m so excited to tell you about the official pre-order bonuses for my book Reading People: How Seeing the World Through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything, coming this September.

I was OVER THE MOON when my publisher told me what they’d be able to make happen.

We have two bonuses, they’re available to readers all around the world, and they’re good.

(Psst—why do authors offer pre-order bonuses anyway? I’ve learned so much about how that works! I explain more in this post, but the short version is that early pre-orders—6 to 12 weeks out—impact the initial print run, how many copies retailers order, where the book is actually sold come September, and a book’s bestseller potential. When a book hits a bestseller list, it gets more eyes on it, which leads to more sales, which leads to list placement … it’s a virtuous cycle.)

The first is my brand-new class, What’s Your Reading Personality? 

I’m a big believer in the power of reading, and the power of personality frameworks as a useful tool for self-awareness, and this class combines these two favorite things.

In this one-hour class I present nine distinct reading personalities, explain what each type looks like, explore what they like to read, and why they like to read it, and offer book recommendations and suggestions for each type’s reading life.

(You probably encountered these nine reading personalities in my reading personality quiz—and if you didn’t, go take it right now!)

I hope you’ll see yourself in these types, as well as the types of your friends, loved ones, colleagues, and fellow book clubbers. My hope is that understanding why you read—and why others read—you’ll get more out of your reading life.

Readers, this isn’t a rigorous scientific tool. But having spent so long over the past few year years wading through more than a dozen personality frameworks, I’ve found the most powerful thing about a good framework is it gives you fresh eyes to see yourself, and to see the people around you. That’s the purpose of this class: to help you see your own reading habits in a different light.

The class will be available for sale in the shop for $15, or you can get it absolutely free when you pre-order Reading People. And you don’t have to wait: when you submit your pre-order info, you get immediate access to the class video.

The second is a FREE audio version of Reading People.

I am so excited about this chance for everyone to get two versions of the book at absolutely no additional cost!

When you preorder the book, you’ll get immediate access to the class. Then, when the book releases in September, you’ll get a code to download your free audiobook.

I’m narrating the audio version myself: I have a hot date in July to spend many, many hours in a small, warm room reading my book into the microphone. (For a fun and illuminating behind-the-scenes look at how audiobooks are made, listen to episode 31 of What Should I Read Next with professional narrator Adam Verner. I love this episode and I learned so much!)

I adore audiobooks, especially when they’re read by the author: I love hearing the story in their own words while I walk, or run, or do the dishes. But Reading People has a few charts and tables you’ll want to see with your eyes—not a ton, but a few. When you pre-order Reading People, you don’t have to debate which version to get. This is your only chance to get two versions for the price of one.

How to claim your pre-order bonuses:

Pre-order Reading People wherever new books are sold. Barnes and Noble! Books A Million! Book Depository! (Helllllloooooo international readers!) Your local independent bookstore!

Now, take your receipt and go to

Scroll down a bit and fill out the form on the site, entering your “invoice number” or “order number” from your receipt.

That’s it! You’ll get immediate access to the class, and an email with your free audiobook code when the book releases.

These bonuses disappear on September 19, so get yours now!

Thanks for reading, everyone, and thanks so much for your support of Reading People!

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  1. Carrie says:

    I have pre-ordered with my local indie, but have not been able access the video (I’ sure I have the right password. Any suggestions?

    • Anne says:

      Oh no! I wonder what the trouble is? (In the past, users have had problems accessing Vimeo because they’ve restricted video viewing on their devices or home/office wifi settings.) If that doesn’t help, email [email protected]

      • Carrie says:

        Problem solved: I didn’t have the p.w. in all upper case. I’m getting better with tech, but still a book nerd! I will be promoting your book trough word of mouth and social media. I’m sure it will be a best seller!

      • Angela Gibson says:

        Hi! I just preordered Reading People from Barnes and Noble but can’t submit the pre-order form so that I can also attend your class. Do you have any hints for me with my invoice # from Barnes and Noble, 4043624743.

        Thank you!!!!!

  2. Anne, I can feel your excitement as launch day draws near. I’ve just preordered my book from my favorite Indie bookstore, Annie Bloom in Portland, OR. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to shop with Annie Bloom! As a writer myself, soon to publish (I think), I hope to be an Indie author on the shelves of Annie Bloom. It would also be lovely to join you on her shelves!

  3. Michelle Murray says:

    Hi Anne! I’ve preordered the book through my favorite local indie (the Tattered Cover here in Denver), but they don’t require payment until the book arrives. Do you think there’s some proof I can ask them for to get the bonuses? If not, I am happy to have preordered just the same. Your podcast and blog and recommendations so often save my sanity as I adventure through life with two kids under two. I can’t wait to read the book. Thanks!

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