5+ podcast episodes I’ve loved lately

5+ podcast episodes I’ve loved lately

I’ve been a podcast fan since back when I listened to them on my original iPod, but since I started my own podcast What Should I Read Next? I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for what makes a podcast, and an individual episode, work.

Today I’m sharing five-ish of my recent favorite episodes. I can’t wait to hear yours in comments.

(I share all about how to subscribe to podcasts in this post right here.)

1. The Rewatchables: You’ve Got Mail

This fairly new podcast is devoted to movies we can’t stop watching. A friend recommended this episode because they knew I loved You’ve Got Mail, and it didn’t disappoint. (Currently queued up: their recent episode devoted to the Emma retelling Clueless.

2. Pantsuit Politics: #TakeAKnee: Kaepernick, Curry, and Trump

I’ve shared Pantsuit Politics before, and I love the show, but I especially appreciated a recent in-depth and non-political conversation between Beth and Sarah about the sorrow and shame of accidental killings—the grief that results when a person is involved in something that takes a human life, even if they weren’t at fault, like in any number of accidents involving cars or bicycles or handguns. The conversation veers into miscarriage and medicine as well. It’s a sad conversation, but the way Beth and Sarah articulate feelings we often have a hard time putting into words is well worth listening to. (This is the New Yorker piece that prompted the discussion.)

3. Note to Self: I didn’t see your text.

A friend recently turned me on to the short and pithy Note to Self podcast. I’ve enjoyed their recent “bored and brilliant” conversations about our all-too-common smartphone addiction, but this recent episode about how easy it is to ghost friends and family these days was my favorite.

4. The Next Right Thing: Record what you learn.

I love Emily Freeman’s newish podcast The Next Right Thing; her voice is perfect for podcasting and her message is so often exactly what I need—like this episode about what happens in our heads and our hearts when we’re overwhelmed. It’s possible I’ve been overwhelmed a lot lately, and I appreciate Emily’s tips and encouragement on steadying myself.

5. Song Exploder: The Killers – Rut.

I’m a longtime West Wing Weekly fan, but my husband only recently turned me on to Hrishikesh Hirway’s original podcast Song Exploder. In each episode, a musician tells the story of how a song was made, and as a podcaster myself I’m so impressed at how Hirway edits himself out of each interview to leave behind short, seamless stories told by the musicians themselves. I love The Killers, so Will said this episode was a must-listen (yep); I also loved this episode about The Fools Who Dream from La La Land.

A few more podcasts I’ve been on lately

I have my own podcast, What Should I Read Next, but lately I’ve been a frequent guest on other people’s shows. Here’s a few episodes to check out:

• I talk to Tsh Oxenreider for her new How You Do You segment on The Simple Show, Episode 95.

I talk to Sarah Stewart Holland on Pantsuit Politics about how understanding personality brings a whole lot more nuance to political conversations.

• On Episode 215 of How to Be Awesome at Your Job I talk to Pete Mockaitis about expanding self-awareness using the top personality frameworks.

Happy listening!

P.S. You can now listen to What Should I Read Next on Spotify. And stay tuned for more audio goodness: tomorrow I’m sharing 15 short audiobooks you can listen to in 6-ish hours or less.

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  1. Kirsten Filian says:

    Radiolab (new to me) has a fascinating discussion about Oliver Sipple, released a month ago. The main question behind this story is how much information of a private citizen should become public after saving President Gerald Ford’s life.

  2. Just subscribed to Note to Self. The brilliant and bored episode sounds intriguing. Plus, isn’t it odd how easy it is to ghost people in a time when it’s also easier than ever to find and get in touch with people?!

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