Nordstrom Rack opens its doors.

I’ve been a devoted online Nordstrom shopper for years. They’re famous for their smart values and stylish selection–and more importantly to me, their amazing shoe department.

But I’ve never set foot in a Nordstrom Rack store before, because I’ve never been lucky enough to live near one. So I was thrilled (along with the rest of my city) to hear one was opening in my town–Louisville, Kentucky. Shopping isn’t always my favorite thing, but when they invited me to the grand opening I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Nordstrom Rack carries the latest trends and timeless designer brands at a great value. Typical pricing is 30-70% off regular retail–and I enjoy shopping a lot more when I can find things I love at a price I’m happy to pay.

My first visit didn’t disappoint.


I started by scoping the shoes. (Obviously.) Nordstrom Rack is known for stocking a wide range of sizes and styles. I was truly impressed at the variety they had in the larger sizes for their designer lines: I tried on adorable (comfortable, discounted) shoes from Tory Burch, Donald Pliner, and Cole Haan, among others.

The brand new store was well stocked with new fall fashions.

The racks were pleasantly packed with on-trend favorites like chunky sweaters and colored denim. Gorgeous investment pieces also caught my eye, like stellar values on Kate Spade cocktail dresses and Michael Kors motorcycle jackets.


Kate Spade’s totes manage to be both timely and timeless

The Rack carries high-end handbags at steeply discounted prices. They had lots of classic selections from high-end labels marked down way off retail, and plenty of trendy offerings for fall.


These Michael Kors handbags were 30% off retail

I scoped out all the hair goodies, because this is an area I want to experiment in more this fall. I love the romantic hair accessories that keep popping up everywhere this season.


This was my first time in a Rack, and I liked how it was big enough to carry a wide variety, but not so huge it was overwhelming. Because I am easily overwhelmed when it comes to shopping.


I left Nordstrom Rack with two bags full. (And I didn’t even make it to the beauty, hosiery, or kids’ departments. I’m looking forward to scoping the OPI nail polish, HUE tights, and kids’ shoes on my next trip.)

Tomorrow I’ll share the outfits I put together for work, date night, and a play date.

Are you a Nordstrom Rack shopper? Share your tips and tricks in comments! 

I was selected for this opportunity by Nordstrom Rack, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Candice says:

    We don’t have a Rack, but one time I was visiting one near Philly. I tried on a dress that I liked and checked the price. It said $18.00 in bigger print, but below that said $0.01. I was a little confused, but $18.00 was already an amazing deal… why did it say $0.01. At the register it rang up as $0.01. One PENNY. The cashier said that obviously it was a mistake, but it was my lucky day. So yeah… I like Nordstrom Rack.

  2. Tamara says:

    Nordstrom Rack is my favorite. If you thought the prices were good today, just wait until they have clearance!

  3. My trick: a Nordstrom debit (which you might not be able to get online, I don’t know). I’m not a store credit card person, but they give you points for using the card, taking money out of my checking account (which I would have done anyway).
    Also, tights. I shop for them in the summer and stock up on a few pairs of black and brown and whatever cute colors for very inexpensive. I’ve found a lot of random gifts in the homeish area, and I’ve even found liter bottles of my favorite shampoo.
    But the shoes. Yes, they are my first love.

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