Links I love.

Links I love.


a dollar’s worth of happiness from the farmers’ market

I’m experimenting with ways to share great links more often than in my monthly What I’m Into post, and more reliably than Facebook has proven to deliver. Let me know what you think.


• I have a German heritage AND a German minor, and still thought this interview with Luisa Weiss (author of My Berlin Kitchen) about parenting in Germany was chock-full of interesting tidbits.

• I didn’t love How To Tell Toledo from the Night Sky (I’m disappointed, too), but these marriage vows you never hear at weddings but totally should from author Lydia Netzer is perfection. (h/t Vanderbilt Wife)

The longlist for the Man Booker Prize is out. I’ve got some reading to do.

• I clapped and cheered at Deb Perelman’s announcement that she’s writing a second cookbook, because her first became an instant favorite around here. Beautiful photos, recipes that work, terrific writing.

14 signs you’re an old soul. (Me. Me. Me again.)

mmd collage 7.27.14

Best of MMD:

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it? (It depends.)

My photos from the Jane Austen Festival.

A How She Does It story from my real life friend, who holds down an on-site office job, in a non-creative field, and still managed to reconfigure her work schedule just enough to volunteer in her son’s classroom (and make it to the gym).

My new ROYGBIV bookshelves.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Breanne says:

    For what it’s worth, this is my favourite way to read a collection of links. I can come back to the post without scrolling through a FB page and I find the monthly collection too many links to click through.
    My $.02 worth.

  2. Arenda says:

    I agree w/ Breanne – this is a simple, straight-forward way to read through assorted links; I like it.

    As an aside, Is your regular Sunday feature (Literary Matchmaking) on summer vacation or permanent hiatus? I loved reading your book recommendations! 🙂

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