Links I love and more post-election reading

For your weekend, the best things I read on the internet this week, plus another book for your post-election reading list.

My favorite finds from around the web:

The best supermoon photos from around the globe.

Say hello to your friends: the life-changing effects of The Baby-Sitters Club. “BSC are the ultimate comfort read. When I feel tired or overwhelmed by adult life, there is always Stoneybrook in which to retreat.” (If you resonate with this don’t miss the new What Should I Read Next podcast with the guys from The Baby-Sitters Club Club!)

Running for office as a woman. Read this. “Election Day has now come and gone. So, I can share what I encountered without worrying about whether or not it would affect someone’s decision to vote for me. I hope that in sharing people will have a better understanding of what women encounter when running for office, will think carefully about their own unconscious biases, and will encourage and support any women in their own lives who want to run.”

Are you a pencil geek like me? “That’s what pencils do. They make us happy. Which is why I love to use them.”

For your reading list:

If you’ve never read Barbara Kingsolver’s debut The Bean Trees, now’s the time. It was published in 1987 and is surprisingly timely for RIGHT NOW. Coming of age, immigration, unlikely families, and precarious hope.

Favorite instagram:

school book fair

Oh, could I play bookseller for an hour as a school book fair volunteer? TWIST MY ARM. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog: 

One year ago: On personality, emotional labor, and surviving the holidays. “Here on the cusp of the holiday season—for my own survival’s sake—I’m making myself revisit a concept I learned of from Cain: emotional labor.”

Two years ago: A very bookish Christmas countdown. “In years past I’ve tried various Christmas countdowns—Advent calendars and Jesse trees and the like—that just haven’t clicked for our family.  The daily activity seemed like one more thing to get done instead of a meaningful way to prepare for Christmas. But a few years ago we created an instant tradition: a literary Advent calendar.”

Three years ago: Hooked on the story. “I’d like to think every devoted reader can point back to the book that first hooked them.”

Four years ago: For your Thanksgiving viewing pleasure: 2 old favorites and 1 new video crush. (Four years later, these are all still worth watching.)

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Jennie says:

    I second the recommendation for The Bean Trees. Just finished reading it for my library’s 50 States book club (I have the best library!). I can’t wait to discuss it on Monday – especially since we had no idea as to the outcome of the election when they announced it was the pick for Arizona.

  2. Leslie Lee says:

    I haven’t every read The Bean Trees, thanks for the recc!
    Post-election reading lists actually made me think of Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior – climate change, rural/urban divides, economic hardship.
    Also, can. not. wait. until my kids are old enough for real-deal book fairs at school.

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