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my favorite tree

my favorite tree

my favorite tree on my walking route

• Isla Fisher tells Ryan Reynolds why she has so many copies of Jane Eyre.

Can you guess these books by their second lines? (I did way better on this than I expected.)

• ‘Dating’ vs. ‘married’: how text messages change over time. This dating couple said “hey” and “love” when they were dating; now that they’re married, they say “dinner” and “ok.” It’s sweeter than it sounds.

Women need girlfriends. “Women friends are vital because they help us become or stay emotionally more stable. They lift us out of despair, they make us laugh when we want to sob, they force us to keep living when we don’t want to.”

Most popular from the blog:

Books so gorgeous they just might turn me into a collector. The comments are full of book love, and I took copious notes as I read through which books you are swooning over.

How to make a book page pumpkin.

• The future belongs to the super-techies, the conscientious, and the thick-skinned. The most-shared post of the week.

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  1. Love the text message data — I was just thinking recently that most of the text messages my husband and I send nowadays are transactional (mostly about meeting up for lunch, since we work at the same place), but it’s because we’re together so much of the time that our declarations of love don’t have to be over the phone. Sounds like she came to the same conclusions 🙂 Still, it’s a good reminder to make the effort in person to tell him how I feel.

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