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park bench all decked out for Christmas

this park bench is ready for Christmas

Housekeeping: the giveaway for the set of the best silk blouse ever from Popbasic ends tonight. Leave a comment here to enter.

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Celebrating Bad Food: An Interview with Christopher Kimball. This interview is fascinating on nineteen different levels, covering everything from home cooking to school lunchrooms to the comeback of the newsletter to digital trends.

How I gained and lost 60 pounds as an entrepreneur. I was uneasy with how much I resonated with this. (Hint: it’s all about habits. And for goodness sake, get some sleep!)

Don’t waste your two most productive hours. “Each morning, we get a brief window of time during which we’re most mentally capable of getting stuff done. And yet most of us waste that time.”

100 notable books of 2014 from the New York Times.

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• In the waiting room.

13+ perfect stocking stuffers for book lovers.

Books that belong in every family’s library.

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  1. Just wanted to tell you I’m reading WHAT ALICE FORGOT and am absolutely loving it. This is the third book (I think?) that I picked up and loved because of you. The other two were THE ROSIE PROJECT and DAILY RITUALS.

    So much in this book — the story line, the storytelling, just good, good stuff. Thank you, ma’am!

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