Links I love and what’s on my nightstand.

Links I love and what’s on my nightstand.

My favorite finds from around the web:

When is Cheryl’s birthday?” The math problem that stumped the internet. (And me.)

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: why our relationship works. “You do better in the gym with a trainer; you don’t figure out how to cook without reading a recipe. Therapy is not something to be embarrassed about.”

I didn’t follow my heart, I worked my ass off. “While ice cream expert Jeni Britton Bauer could have given her younger self some advice, she chose not to. ”

Favorite food memoirs. “Because most of the best things in life involve good food, yes?”

What’s on my nightstand:

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. When I told you I was enjoying Garden Spells, several of you said to read this next.

The Power of One. Finally. I’ve been meaning to read this book since 1999.

On the blog:

7 things I’m choosing to splurge on right now. “I love reading about what people do and don’t splurge on, and why. Our “splurge list” varies with the seasons of our lives; these are the things I think it’s worth splurging on right now”

What I’m reading lately: the new and the notable. My take on 5 new spring releases.

The things you don’t read about on the internet. “Once I recognized the significance of this, I started seeing it everywhere. (Vaguebooking is annoying, but Facebook oversharing is downright uncomfortable, and this is why.)”

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kate says:

    The Sugar Queen is my favorite of her books. I hope you are enjoying it. I’ll be adding some of those food memoirs to my TBR list – thanks!

  2. Sarah M says:

    I don’t remember particularly liking The Sugar Queen, but it’s one of my friend’s favorite books. I do, however, LOVE foodie memoirs. I’m not that fantastic of a cook but I can get around a kitchen well enough, but reading about it? Love.
    I just finished Ruth Reichl’s memoir “Garlic & Sapphires” about her time as the undercover NYTimes food critic. It was wonderful!
    Sarah M

  3. Katie says:

    Sarah Addison Allen is by far my favorite contemporary author. After The Sugar Queen read All. The. Books. she’s ever written!

  4. Laura says:

    I watched the explanation video in the link about Cheryl’s birthday and it still made zero sense to me and I laughed out loud in my kitchen because it was like listening to gibberish!

  5. Dana says:

    Loved your links. My favor food memoirs are Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, A Homemade Life, Kitchen Counter Cooking School and Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good. I have Yes, Chef in my TBR pile. Love Marcus Samuelson.

    The Sugar Queen is Sarah Addison Allen’s best book, I think. You also need to read First Frost which is the sequel to Garden Spells, ten years later. A few of her books in between were not as good but I have read all of them. Lost Lake is another really good one.

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