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Audiobooks don’t work for me: a confession.

A month without sugar.

How to be sure your waiter brings you decaf (and thwart tiger attacks too!)

5 fail-proof ways to make your home look more expensive. One word: intentional.

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While prepping for last week’s Bullet Journaling for Book Lovers class I stumbled upon my Summer Reading Guide notes from last spring! Such a fun find. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

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Two years ago: 4 minutes in the nude.

Three years ago: Creative habits and daily rituals vs. day jobs and family life.

Four years ago: On letting my face speak what’s in my heart.

Five years ago: 7 books that changed my life.

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  1. Jamie says:

    This month I’ve committed to avoid refined grains and refined (added) sugar. Although I’m sure I haven’t cut out ALL sugar (that article is spot on when it says it hides in so many products!) it has been an eye opening experience. I was at a dinner the other night that offered a dessert of strawberries and whipped cream and I snuck a tiny taste of the whipped cream to see if it was plain (which meant I could eat it) or sweetened. OH MY GOSH. The sugary-ness of it just about made eyes water! Of course I miss brownies and pie and all those other lovely things…in time, in moderation. After the end of the month. 🙂

  2. I have the same issue with audiobooks. I would love to be able to listen to them during my commute, but I just don’t have the same attention span. When I’m reading, I’m fully devoted to the story. With audiobooks I’m far too easily distracted. So to me it’s not worth risking missing parts of the story or losing some of the magic.

  3. Julie says:

    I feel the exact same way without audiobooks, but I’ve wondered if instead of an attention-span issue, it’s more about what kind of learner a person is? I can spend hours reading an actual physical book, because I’m a visual learner, but my mind also wanders almost instantly during an audiobook. On other other hand, I love that friends/family of mine who feel they don’t have an attention span for physical books, adore audiobooks (audio learners?)!!

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