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100 must-read YA books with little or no romance. Because so many of you have asked for a list like this!

Bob Dylan’s best lyrics: the songs that prove he deserves his Nobel Prize.

What you spend time reading changes your brain. “Increasingly, we’re filling our heads with soundbites, the mental equivalent of junk. Over a day or even a week, the changes, like those to our belly, are barely noticeable. However, if we extend the timeline to months and years, we face a worrying reality…”

I’m a doctor. If I drop food on the kitchen floor, I still eat it. I’m betting my order of operations is typical: read article, clean fridge handle, toss kitchen sponge.


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The next Quick Lit post and link-up is Saturday, October 15. Get your TBR lists ready!

On the blog:

4 strategies I originally dismissed as too “out there” that have significantly helped me (and my loved ones) manage anxiety.

My new little book page pumpkin. An October DIY.

Miracles are everywhere if you have eyes to see them.

Want to be a better person? Watch a good movie.


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  1. Lisa Z says:

    I love the pumpkin from book pages! I hope you have read Sophie Kinsella by now–read the first few Shopaholics, for sure. They are laugh out loud funny!

  2. OH. MY. WORD. I had to write a biology paper this past week about a recent scientific news article, and I picked one called “I’m a Doctor. If I Drop Food on the Kitchen Floor, I Still Eat It”

    And then I just saw it in your weekend links and freaked out! What are the odds?!?! (My brother said the odds are pretty good since I have so much in common with you, but still!)

  3. Margaret says:

    God bless you for the YA list!! I need this desperately! My middle schoolers are moaning about the book hole they are in!

  4. Alison Louring says:

    The article, “The Pot-Belly of Ignorance” was an absorbing read. I used to read gossip rags and clickbait articles often with my friends throughout middle school and high school. When I entered my college freshman year, I had decided to stop reading them.

    I struggle with depression and anxiety, so it was a remarkable experience to see just how much better my mental health was by quitting clickbait articles. It’s amazing how sometimes it’s the small matters that can take a number out on your mental health. It didn’t cure my depression or anxiety of course. I still deal with on a daily basis, but I certainly felt less burdened somehow.

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