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12 girls from fiction who are their own heroes. “Our girls — and boys — love to read books that reflect the strong and independent females they see in the real world, stories with young heroines who save themselves, and others, from the dangers of daily life or magical adventures with a combination of grit, intelligence, wit, and perseverance.”

Endless September (10 quick rules). aka, Seth Godin tells you how not to accidentally be a menace to others and yourself on the internet.

The bullet journal, minus the hype, is actually a really good planner.  “Go ahead, roll your eyes. But bullet journals are an amazing productivity tool, if you can learn to adapt them to your life. No colored pens required.”

9 secrets of the most productive working women. “Plenty of people are able to combine big jobs, families and personal time just fine.”

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• One year ago: when you’re good at overcomplicating things. “Some things in life are inherently complicated, but that doesn’t mean I need to make things more complicated than they need to be.”

• Two years ago: The bored housewife as plot point. “The bored housewife, though an oft-used trope, is rarely done well. Novelists and screenwriters use it cheaply, as a cliché.”

• Three years ago: On marriage and fear and disappearing doors. “You can never recover what you never tried at all,” he said, warning us, because too often we don’t recognize the danger until the door has shut and the opportunity is gone.”

• Four years ago: What art therapists know about making art with kids that the rest of us don’t.

• Five years ago: Best book you’ve never heard of on … housekeeping.

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  1. Kate says:

    Anne! I went to back to school night for my middle school aged son last night and his English teacher had a presentation up on her screen. I could see the other tabs she had open on her browser and one of them was ‘What Should I Read Next’!

    We bonded over how much we enjoy it 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    Love that bullet journal post. I started a bullet journal back in April (March?) after you posted about it. It’s the first time I’ve found a system that works really well for me. I am an analog girl at heart, so that’s part of it. I’ve found that there is always space for the thing I need to make notes about, plus I really like having my past to-do lists available.
    One great thing about my journal in this season of life is that I have it with me on my son’s college visits. I don’t keep a separate notebook–I just flip to the next blank page, take my visit notes, and then record it on the index page. Our notes are always at hand when my son wants to chat about a visit. I do have a couple of good pens but my journal is far from pretty. But it works so well for me and that’s what is important.

  3. Mary Kate says:

    Love the 9 Secrets of the Working Women. I don’t have kids yet but already worry about how I’d ever fit one (or more!) into my insane full time job and writer on the side schedule. Time shall tell but I’m definitely bookmarking these tips.

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