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London bookstores go rogue as no-wifi zones. “We wanted to get people using their human intuition when they shop for books.”

A psychologist analyzes the fights couples have in IKEA. This week I read a completely wonderful novel in which a newly married couple has a relationship-altering fight over which glasses to buy at IKEA. (Heads up for language.)

Is fiction an addiction? “At some point we must ask ourselves if fiction is junk food for our souls.”

The most beautiful library in each U.S. state. Your bucket list is about to get longer.

Favorite instagram:

turquoise house in Seaside

Spotted on vacation. Doesn’t this house make you happy just to look at it? (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: Enduring vs. enjoying the journey. “This wasn’t a big change. It wasn’t without cost. But instead of dreading the journey, I almost enjoyed it.”

Two years ago: Making it yours. “I’m starting to suspect that to really love a place, you’ve got to meet it halfway: you have to choose to make it yours.”

Three years ago: All the world’s parenting advice can be distilled to two simple rules. “All emphasized the importance of nurturing kids’ interests (while questioning whether there was such a thing as natural talent), and doing it right, because it’s alarmingly easy for these attempts at encouragement to have the opposite effect.”

Four years ago: Online book club on steroids. How and why to plan a synchro-read.

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    • ekaterina rotman says:

      Might be because of that part :” This week I read a completely wonderful *novel* in which a newly married couple has a relationship-altering fight over which glasses to buy at IKEA

  1. Susan says:

    I thought it was funny that they were fighting about glasses. I thought most Ikea fights happened at home while putting furniture together!!

  2. Carissa Koch says:

    Loved the list of most beautiful libraries. I was the children’s librarian at the one in New Mexico before it was renovated. I read the list hoping the renovation would put Artesia Public Library on the list. 🙂

  3. Grace says:

    Just a couple weeks ago I got to go to Munro’s Books in Victoria, BC Canada which National Geographic recently named the third best bookstore in the world. So wonderful!

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