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How to find (and be) a boss lady friend. “If you’ve ever felt stuck with a big decision you have to make, a project you’re not sure you should take on, or any kind of life or work transition, it helps to have people in your life to help you process that stuff. You need a boss lady friend.”

Can reading make you happier? “So even if you don’t agree that reading fiction makes us treat others better, it is a way of treating ourselves better.”

The creative world’s bullshit industrial complex. “In these pitches there’s nothing to suggest the person has any original experience or research or insight to offer said advice. Instead they choose to quote other people who quote other people and the insights can often be traced back in a recursive loop.”

10 ways to take care of yourself in ten minutes. “I came up with this list of super simple, do-able self-care practices one morning after feeling touched out and burnt out from keeping my tiny humans alive”

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read Jane Austen Penguin classics

I’m re-reading Jane Austen (and reading these beautiful editions for the first time) and loving it so much. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

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News!: Join me and Liane Moriarty this September for #Read Savannah!

One year ago: You can tell a lot about a person by …  “Some of my friends have strong opinions about what you can learn about a person by the way they react when they’re cut off in traffic, or the store clerk gives them too much change, or whether or not they return their shopping cart to the corral.”

Two years ago: Slate, you are drunk. Adults should be reading YA. “Much young adult fiction is terrible, but so is much adult fiction. But a good book is a good book, no matter the intended audience. And the list of good books—for all audiences—is long. Thankfully.”

Three years ago: Reading is better when it’s done wine tasting style. “I usually choose books spur of the moment, picking up whatever looks good (or whatever the library has on reserve for me). But there’s an advantage to purposeful groupings: a flight teaches me far more about a subject’s depth and breadth than my usual one-off method.”

Four years ago: What I learned by keeping a time diary.

Five years ago: How to graciously accept a compliment.

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  1. Maryalene says:

    Love that 99U article. Can’t say how many times I’ve picked up a promising book only to find it was nothing more than the author paraphrasing and quoting other people’s work.

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