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We’re rolling into the weekend with frigid temps perfect for hunkering down with a good book—but first I have to finish the one I’ve been slogging my way through for a week now! (Just 40 pages to go …) I hope you have something to look forward to this weekend, plus a good read to cuddle up with.

My favorite finds from around the web:

  • Speaking of journaling: this pen is bringing me joy.
  • The Case Against the Trauma Plot. “Trauma has become synonymous with backstory, but the tyranny of backstory is itself a relatively recent phenomenon—one that, like any successful convention, has a way of skirting our notice.”
  • The Nasty Logistics of Returning Your Too-Small Pants. “We can dispense now with a common myth of modern shopping: The stuff you return probably isn’t restocked and sent back out to another hopeful owner. Many retailers don’t allow any opened product to be resold as new.”

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  1. Ashley says:

    A note on the FriXion pens – They are great, but not to be used when long-lasting, resilient ink is desired! I used these pens for some letters to my pen pals last winter, and the ink from my FriXion pens DISAPPEARED. They thought I was playing a trick on them!
    Was it the cold of MN winters? Was it the heat or friction of the mail-sorting machines? I’ll never know… And I’ll stick to standard pens for my letter-writing from now on!

  2. Tania Moore says:

    I use the pens for quilting!! You can mark your fabric for hand quilting and then iron over the ink and it disappears!! According to comments I
    I’ve read in quilting posts – the ink reappears if it gets really cold!!

  3. Joy says:

    The grapefruit article was so interesting. I knew about it interacting badly with medications because my dad loves grapefruit and had several trees in his yard in Florida. He was happily making grapefruit juice to drink regularly until his doctor said no because it would mess up his medicine. I appreciated knowing the why and plan to share the article with him.

  4. Aimee says:

    Wow! The grapefruit article was super interesting. I already knew about the interactions with drugs but, as noted in the article, didn’t know quite how many there are and the history of citrus fruit was fascinating. I got caught up a CBS Sunday Morning episode about the origin of eels (which I find absolutely disgusting) – citrus and eels have a lot in common in that neither has an entirely understood origin – ha!

    Also, I am not a big fan of raw jalapenos as they cause acid reflux for me but I absolutely love the pickled variety. Yum!

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