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Happy Friday, friends. I hope this collection of fun finds and interesting reads helps ease you into that weekend frame of mind.

Something fun from my week: I found out My Reading Life made it on the Publishers Weekly Bestseller List! Thank you so much to everyone who bought a copy and spread the word.

My favorite finds from around the web:

  • While shopping for a doormat I discovered that the favorite “This Must Be the Place” sign that hangs in the window of a local business is available on Etsy. Would it be weird to hang this in my office? Because I’m totally thinking about it.

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Upcoming Events:

  • October 12: Writing For Readers: So many readers long to be writers—whether solely for their own benefit or for future publication. If you relate—or if you simply want to better understand how the books you love get made—this class is for you. In our conversational session, novelist Kimmery Martin joins me to discuss how to get started, what you need to know, and why you might want to take the plunge. (This is a Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club event. Events are available as replays for members who cannot attend live.) 
  • October 21, 1 pm and 7 pm ET: Fall Book Preview: Join us for our third annual Fall Book Preview, where I’ll share a curated list of the season’s hottest new titles, plus the info you need to decide which belong on your TBR. This is an exclusive event for Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club members and What Should I Read Next Patreon “Book Lover” supporters. Our communities will also receive a printable with every title included in our preview.
  • October 26: Live chat with Bezi Yohannes: Time for our Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club discussion of Parable of the Sower with Bezi Yohannes! Bezi is an expert on Black fantasy and Afrofuturism, and she’ll be sharing more about these distinct genres with us to enhance our understanding of this month’s selection. (Events are available as replays for members who cannot attend live.)
  • November 30: Live chat with author Amy Jo Burns: Time for our Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club discussion of Shiner with author Amy Jo Burns! (Events are available as replays for members who cannot attend live.)

Find more upcoming events here.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Michelle L Tercha says:

    Please be aware that the Craftsy deal is less then ideal. It is not the same owners, and you need to call them (!) to cancel, and they are extremely difficult to get a hold of. One good point is that they do send you a warning email several weeks before your year is up. But if you don’t make contact with them, they will charge your card and still be very hard to get a hold of. Its a shame. Its a nice website. Just not the same policies.

    • Kamian says:

      I am so annoyed that the Bake Off article didn’t include photos of all of them. Who can remember names of every contestant from years of the show??

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