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What’s in store for your weekend? We’re looking forward to seeing old friends for the first time since covid and a big family dinner. I hope you have something to look forward to, and that this collection of interesting reads and fun things helps you ease into that weekend frame of mind.

My favorite finds from around the web:

  • We made this cherry pie last weekend (because my 11-year-old had a hankering) and it was phenomenal.
  • I’m thrilled to be part of this and honored to be part of SkillPop’s Summer Series. Register for How to Be a Reader here!
  • Influencer burnout is real. “The influencer industry is simply the logical endpoint of American individualism, which leaves all of us jostling for identity and attention but never getting enough.”
  • I Feel Great About My Neck. “When I think about beauty standards these days — the ones my mother followed, the ones I have — what I mostly consider is all the space the not feeling good took up.”

On What Should I Read Next:

This week’s episode is so fun! We talk about finding books that make you want to READ again instead of queueing up another podcast episode. When asked to describe himself, our guest usually compares himself to Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation, which he calls a pretty accurate analog in terms of character. Listen and you’ll see what he means!

On One Great Book:

Don’t miss today’s brand-new episode of One Great Book, now back for Volume 5! Each week I pull one standout selection off my personal bookshelves and tell you all about it, in ten minutes or less.

Don’t miss these posts:

  • 20 tasty and tantalizing food memoirs. One of my favorite literary genres! Food is full of stories, from the family history behind a handed-down dish to juicy kitchen drama at a high-end restaurant to a culture’s roots and traditions.

Upcoming Events:

  • June 16, 7 pm ET: Ask Us Anything: This is a chance for Book Club members to ask Ginger and me anything they want to know about the Summer Reading Guide, the reading life, our work, and … probably lipstick. (This is an MMD Book Club event.)
  • June 19, 3 pm ET: When Harry Met Sally Watch Party: Join us for a watchalong of When Harry Met Sally, the perfect flight “flick” to go along with our June Book Club read. (This is an MMD Book Club event.) 
  • June 22, 1 pm ET: Live chat with author Emily Henry: Time for our MMD Book Club discussion of People We Meet On Vacation with author Emily Henry! (Events are available as replays for members who cannot attend live.)
  • June 26, 3 pm ET: Backlist Book Club: Everyone Brave Is Forgiven: Whether you’re a long-time MMD Book Club member looking to revisit some favorites, or a new member wondering where to start, we’re taking a look back at some of the best of Book Club from the past few years.
  • July 7, 5:30 pm ET: SkillPop How to Be a Reader class: Many of us put “read more” on lists of goals and resolutions. But how do you find great books, make the time, and build a reading life you love? We’ll talk about how to identify your literary taste, removing barriers and making time, and not getting held back by overwhelm. Plus, I will share my most practical tips and recommendations for making reading a bigger, more enjoyable part of your life. Register here
  • July 28, 7 pm ET: Live chat with author Nadia Hashimi: Time for our MMD Book Club discussion of Sparks Like Stars with author Nadia Hashimi! (Events are available as replays for members who cannot attend live.)
  • August 24, 1 pm ET: Live chat with author Elizabeth Brooks: Time for our MMD Book Club discussion of The Whispering Housewith author Elizabeth Brooks! (Events are available as replays for members who cannot attend live.)

You can find more upcoming events here.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Suzy says:

    The title “Crying in H Mart” kept tripping me up every time I read it because I had no idea what H Mart was, I’ve never heard of it. I just googled it and Ahh! I see now! I look forward to reading the book.

    • Alicia says:

      I was wondering the exact same thing! I looked it up and had no idea there is a location in Mesa, Arizona, close to where we live in Phoenix. I may have to visit before I read the book for the full experience.

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