Links I love

Links I love

What are your weekend plans? This weekend I’m going on my first college visit since I was seventeen years old, after which I’ll probably need to read two books to recover. Send good vibes?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

My favorite finds from around the web:

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  • “I need to live like this is my home.” This feels like a good reminder: “But it turns out you can’t find out what you want by waiting. You find out by doing, by experimenting, by trying something and living with it for a bit.”

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thinking of you and your college visit! My older boy is in college now, and while it was hard to send him off, my pride in his success and joy in knowing he’s making it on his own outweighs my sadness. When the time comes, I hope it’s the same for you.

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve been following you for a couple of years and you never disappoint! My reading life has changed dramatically as I went from an occasional reader to a voracious one (Audible thanks you as well!!). I adore your blog as you not only suggest amazing books, but your “links I love” weekly feature is SO rich, fun and always introduces me to something new! THANK YOU!!!

  3. Joy in Alabama says:

    I love the big family story! I have nine (and 10 grandchildren) and will finish homeschooling the youngest (17) in May. Mine range in age from 38-17. We have some great stories and have always had lots of fun together!

    Anne, I’m taking Abby to the Jane Austen Festival In Louisville for a little graduation trip in July and am THRILLED you will be speaking this year! I hope to get to meet you!

  4. Roxanne Klump says:

    I totally love following you…..all your fun suggestions (flower PJ’s), etc. And BOOKS! I’m watching Anne with an E on Netflix and I’m captivated. Received the book Anne of Green Gables when I was 10 and I still have it. I just celebrated my 80th Birthday.
    Have a happy weekend.

    • Jayne says:

      Happy 80th birthday to you! Mine will be on June 19, God willing! My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying “Anne with an E” on Netflix, too. It is truly a magnificent adaptation of the series. We have saved the last episode for our Valentine treat tonight. Will really miss the wonderful episodes and encourage everyone to watch them. We toured Green Gables 10 years ago on a cruise, so we feel as tho” we are at home in Avonlea.

  5. Rita says:

    College visits are such a special time. We explored so many and our now grown daughters found great matches. Also as one of ten kids I can attest that big families are fun and noisy and now I have so many best friend sisters and brothers.

  6. Annaleah says:

    Thanks for sharing the article about big families! As a mom of 7 ages 11 and under, I am always eager to hear about other big families! This was a great read!

  7. Susan says:

    Here’s my advice for college visits: Come up with a your own family’s list of things to listen for on the tours – it just makes everything a little more fun. Our list included famous alumni, greatest contribution to the college facility arms race (usually a new sports facility), most unusual superlative (Michigan has the largest ancient whale collection, or something like that), and clever name for on-campus currency. After a tour or two, you’ll have your own list of things to listen for. It may not make the college decision easier, but it gives you something to laugh about when the day is done.

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