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Happy Friday! I’ve gotta admit, I’m happy to welcome the weekend again because I am tired. What a week! What are you up to this weekend? I’m hoping to take a long walk with Daisy, finish this puzzle (from this post, of course), and tidy up my office and floordrobe. (Although honestly, the foot of the bed is where my clean-but-not-put-away sweaters accumulate.)

I’ll also be finishing up my Monday blog post about what’s saving my life right now. We’ve gathered together right around the longest day of winter to share our lifesavers for many years now, and I’m looking forward to doing it again. I hope you’ll join us. This might be my favorite reflection on the topic (especially because somebody in my family has been sick nonstop since Thanksgiving), and this is recommended reading for the topic (and a fun one for me to read right now).

Great reads and fun things:

  • How ‘Namaste’ Flew Away From Us. “When white English speakers fold words from other languages into their lexicon, they’re often seen as cultured and worldly (and funny!). But for people of color, it’s a totally different game.”
  • I enjoyed talking with Minimalist Moms Podcast about overthinking and the actionable steps we can take to make easier, more confident decisions.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Kay says:

    I clicked over to your post about the communion cup and also read through lots of the comments. I had a sharp intake of breath when i discovered that some people gave up actually reading books for lent!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought about it and it makes sense that you should give up something you like, however, books are what keep me sane. I could give up many things which are part of my daily life like social media, I could give up my favourite food in the world which is chocolate, but I could never stop reading. Reading grounds me, relaxes me, makes me happy, and has been my safe place to hide from the world since I was a child. Books are what save my life and my monthly book group night, which I have ran for over 14 years now, is my favourite night of the whole month. Yes, I have a family and a pet dog, I also sew and bake and go to church but reading is my happy place. x

    • Barb says:

      I actually did this one year and it was a disaster! I watched sooo much TV and got cranky. Not really great Lenten activities, right? So then I tried giving up fiction and reading ‘spiritual’ books only. Also a fail. What I realized was that good fiction is full of spiritual lessons and reading DOES help keep me sane!
      I have given up chocolate, meat, and (hardest) speaking negatively about people!

  2. Jackie Sticha says:

    Loved the bonus link this morning and click to your post about the communion cup. It was before my time of following MMD and just reinforced that I have found a great place to spend some time! And I am really looking forward to Monday’s post!

  3. Jennifer Tanner says:

    For some reason I am so fiercely protective of the Jennifer Ehlers/ Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice version. That is the ultimate. I just watched it this past week and with each viewing I say a subtle prayer of please let it be as good as always and not let it get old. I mean that mother ( Mrs. Bennet) is perfect and Mr Collins is played so annoyingly better than Jane could have written him to be. Colin Firth, no words, lifetime favorite. Also feel that way about You’ve Got mail, don’t let it get old or predictable with each viewing, so I watch sparingly. What is saving my life right now as our family has been through the flu, so much tea, riccola cough drops, books on hand ( Fahrenheit 451-reread as I did not like in the 4th grade, understood more but still am a no, on to One in a million boy that was sitting out on the library shelf yesterday after just hearing on a older podcast of yours-love when that happens) essential oil in diffusers, comfy pillows and cozy socks and of course your suggestions, links and past blogs. Grateful!

    • Louise says:

      I am 100% with you on the Colin/Jennifer adaptation. It’s wonderful every time I watch it. And when I read in a biography of Colin Firth that he and Jennifer fell in love and were in a relationship during making it, it just made sense.
      I also love the Emma adaptation with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam. I know not everyone likes her but I thought she played the part well, and Jeremy Northam was perfect!

      • Jennifer Tanner says:

        I did not know that about Colin and Jennifer. Wow, that takes my love of that adaptation to a whole new level. Incredible. Thanks for sharing, great behind the scenes details!

  4. Marcia says:

    Several years ago I read “The Diary of a Bookseller” and sent him a message. I received the nicest response from him which I wasn’t expecting. I loved the book since I work part time in a book store and we both had the same type of customers!

  5. Cherie says:

    After reading the interview with the woman who wants a wife, I was reminded of a book published in Australia some years back called The wife drought (by Annabel Crabb) that looks at our modern day families and working women, the home labour division and the effect it is having on both sexes. It was fascinating and even though it was published in 2014, nothing much seems to have changed, as evidenced by this interview. If this is something anyone is interested in, I highly recommend reading it.

  6. Ruth says:

    oh gosh, I’m so glad that someone recommended the Laundress spray to you – I started to and then got distracted, and you know how that goes. I also highly, highly recommend their wool and cashmere wash. I used it for the first time last spring when cleaning my sweaters for summer storage. The scent is great, moth repellent, and lasts through the storage season (which the spray really doesn’t – I use that for refreshing during the winter months). Also, I’ve read that fabrics need to breathe, and plastic might not be the best idea for storage especially if you’re somewhere humid. Someone probably already said that in the comment thread. 🙂

  7. Kerri says:

    I totally agree that working wives/mothers still carry WAY too much of the burden for home responsibilities, but it’s also true that many women (myself included) exacerbate this problem by not allowing their husbands to take on some of the responsibility and giving them freedom to do it their way (without complaint or critique). In my home, I could do a better of job of asking and then fully expecting him to take on something like grocery shopping. If I do that, I have to be prepared for the reality that he will approach it differently than I do – and buy things I wouldn’t buy. I have to grow in allowing him to be a full partner rather than treating him as though I’m his supervisor when it comes to running our home. I realize there are many men who refuse to take on household tasks, but that is not the ONLY dynamic that causes this problem.

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