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Addicted to distraction. “Addiction is the relentless pull to a substance or an activity that becomes so compulsive it ultimately interferes with everyday life. By that definition, nearly everyone I know is addicted in some measure to the Internet.”

Building my marriage one IKEA bookcase at a time. ““Some assembly required” is something true of relationships, too.”

19 things every modern Jane Austen fan can relate to. So great.

Connie Britton on Nashville, Friday Night Lights, ageism in Hollywood, and her glorious hair. “The minute that I get my hair insured, somebody just put me in a straitjacket.”

Favorite instagram: 

Anne and Will piggyback

This one was for my husband’s birthday this week. (Runner up: the beautiful leaves I snapped in my own backyard, above.) Follow me on instagram @annebogel.

On the blog:

One year ago: Addictive spiced nuts. Our favorite.

Two years ago: Why it’s worth adopting (or inventing) family traditions. Just in time for St. Nicholas Day, December 6.

Three years ago: A Christmas snapshot. A look back, about kids and Christmas and dicey medical situations.

Four years ago: Classic gifts for girls.

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  1. Jess says:

    I love your blog! I just read your posts about your son’s cancer. I’m so glad he’s doing well- what a scary experience that must have been. The way it was caught is amazing. I wonder if the red eye technology in cameras now is leading to fewer diagnoses? I’m pregnant with my first and a little neurotic about everything right now!

    • Anne says:

      Thanks for that. I honestly have no idea about the red eye technology in cameras now, but I am so very thankful we were diagnosed when we were.

  2. Saskia says:

    In the Netherlands, St Nicholas (Sinterklaas) is Dec 5. I find it interesting that when Americans adopt this tradition, they almost always go for the 6th and the Belgian version. (or an approximation, since it’s a present filled holiday in Belgium and that’s usually not what I see bloggers doing). Cultural exchanges and appropriations are so interesting ! Enjoy.

    • Heather Anna says:

      I know lots of Americans who have always celebrated it on the 6th or 19th depending on if their church follows the Old or New Calendar!

  3. Dana says:

    Great picture! I was reading the link to gifts for girls. I had not seen that one since it came before I started reading your blog.
    ( I am so glad you put the links to “old” posts).

    I have 4 great nieces ages 4 1/2 to 9. Here’s whet they are getting from me. I went to Michael’s back in the summer and bought the large storage boxes that look like suitcases. They have handles and latches and are decorated with images of world maps and postcards and Paris…gorgeous. ( I would love one myself : ) ! ) Then when school supply sales came along I bought crayons, paper, notebooks, colored pencils, markers etc. As Michael’s had sales I bought the older 2 ( 7 and 9) fashion design craft kits and the little girls play-doh. This week I got them out and filled up the suitcases. I threw in construction paper, colored envelopes, plain white paper and tiny notebooks as well. Cannot wait to give these craft suitcases!

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