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Happy weekend, readers! Now that the guide is here, I’m looking forward to reading some very old books … and also working on my book. Final edits are due terrifyingly soon.

My favorite finds from around the web:

Issa Rae is turning Tayari Jones’ acclaimed novel Silver Sparrow into a movie. Yes please.

The pleasure of being mediocre. “If writing novels has taught me anything, it’s that progress isn’t linear.” Loved this piece from Laura Lippman, which totally reminded me of trying something new and being terrible and loving it.

Scenes From Award-Winning Literature Crafted With Hand-Cut Paper by Zim & Zou. These photos are incredible.

The Instagram aesthetic is over. “It’s not cool anymore to be manufactured.”

• I’ve been thinking about trying out these watering stakes so my plants don’t get thirsty during our summer travels. Got any advice?

15 Independent Black-Owned Bookstores Reclaiming Their Shelves And Community. My list of indies to visit just got a lot longer.

The Summer Reading Guide is here!

After many months of preparation, it’s been so fun seeing your reactions and hearing your thoughts on this year’s new guide! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. I hope your reading life is the better for it this season.

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Favorite Instagram:

I shared this photo of me with my receipt for library fines, and was blown away by the discussion on library fines that unfolded in comments. (266 and counting!) Follow me on Instagram @annebogel.

On the blog:

One year ago: A trick for when you’re stuck in a reading rut. “When you’re not sure what to read, these guidelines help you choose by narrowing your options.”

Two years ago: 17 books everyone will be talking about this summer.

Three years ago: Two questions to refine your personal style. I still ask myself these two questions all the time.

Four years ago: The new house after one year. This was fun to revisit, now that we’ve moved away from the “new” house.

Five years ago: Self-awareness makes everything better. I appreciate personality frameworks because they give you a way to think about yourself.

On the podcast:

I had a great conversation with The End of Your Life Book Club author Will Schwalbe about shopping your own bookshelves, why it would be a terrible thing to actually conquer your TBR, and the question we should all be asking each other.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Robin Holbrook says:

    FYI: I took your advice and and am reading the Deborah Crombie series while putting off reading the last Louise Penny! I wasn’t enamored at first but each book gets BETTER! In DREAMING OF THE BONES there is some real character development and hints of even better thing to come! Louise has spoiled me but Deborah is a delightful stand in. THANK YOU for the suggestion! I’d also recommend THE 39 STEPS, any Wilkie Collins (esp. THE WOMAN IN WHITE, Follet’s THE EYE OF THE NEEDLE, THE NAME OF THE ROSE, Sharon Kay Penman’s series starting with WHEN CHRIST AND HIS SAINTS SLEPT. Happy reading!!🌹

  2. Nancy Poling says:

    A return to the “reading rut” conversation:
    Being part of a book group helps me, though I seem not to like books other members like and dislike books they like. Still…

    My rut is that I mainly read non-fiction books related to research on future writing projects. In the process I neglect potential writing formats/styles that could spark my imagination.

    Clicking some of the links you provided, I’ve decided to read The Hobbit. I long ago decided, without any basis for my judgment, that I don’t like fantasy. Yet books like The Hobbit are so much of our cultural conversation.

  3. Anu Gandhi says:

    Just got those watering spikes in the mail today — YouTuber Summer Rayne Oakes recommended a similar item for keeping ferns alive. Thought I would test them out before summer vacation!

  4. B. says:

    Awesome bookstore recommendations. A couple are within driving distance, so will definitely be paying a visit!

  5. Johanna says:

    You could buy the plant stakes now. That way you can use them and watch how they work and rescue your plants if the stakes don’t work. Then when it’s vacation time you’ll know they’ll be fine.

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