Links I love

Links I love

I hope you have a lovely weekend in store. We’re looking at a weekend of birthday parties and household chores, plus reading time, of course. Mission number one is to clean up the library: we’re tipping from “lived in” into “total chaos” territory!

My favorite finds from around the web:

A history of the American Public Library. “But it was women’s clubs that were the driving force of the boom, pushing and prodding 75%–80% of public libraries into existence through their activism, and often becoming librarians in the libraries they helped to create.”

Meg Ryan on romantic comedies, celebrity and leaving it all behind: ‘The feeling with Hollywood was mutual.’ As someone who’s seen You’ve Got Mail approximately 100 times, I couldn’t not click.

The secret alley full of curious old bookshops. “It’s thought to be the thoroughfare that inspired Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley and, with its eccentric shops—some of which are even associated with magical or psychic literature—it’s easy to believe.”

4 ways to achieve an anxiety-friendly home. “Whether you are facing clinical anxiety or situational stress, creating a peaceful living space is a great first step toward preventing—and managing—stressful emotions.”

• This week the sun came out long enough I actually needed sunscreen! This is my favorite.

How do indie bookstores compete with Amazon? Personality — and a sense of community. “What’s fueling this growth, sellers say, is a connection with the community instead of fighting Amazon for every dime.”

How to regrow vegetable scraps. The most incredible thing about this post is how adorable all those tiny plants are!

Favorite Instagram:

Reading People got rebranded for airports and I was excited to find it at my airport this week. Same book, just a different title and cover to appeal to a different audience. I am constantly fascinated by how things work in publishing. (Follow me on Instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: How to find books you’re more likely to love. “Pop into your local library or bookstore, tell a staff book-lover three books you love, and ask for recommendations on what to read next.”

Two years ago: That time when the neverending list was DONE. “Those nagging tasks weren’t high priority because they weren’t essential. Nevertheless, I thought about them all the time.”

Three years ago: 7 books I’ve been meaning to read. “I know I’m not the only reader who has a list of books I fully intend to read one day but just haven’t gotten around to. Honestly, these ‘meaning to read’ titles make me feel a little guilty, and that’s no fun.”

Four years ago: Four years. “I started MMD because I wanted to write, and improve my writing: the blog gave me the reason, and the accountability.”

Five years ago: The nerdy trick I use to keep my focus on the things that matter most. “Looking back through the years, my personal pattern is clear. I read to keep my focus where I want it.”

On the podcast:

One year ago: Episode 122: This AMAZING episode will have you racing to the library

Two years ago: Episode 68: Plot summaries are the worst

Three years ago: Episode 9: The reality of bookworm problems

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Julie R says:

    I’m intrigued by the mineral sunscreen! Can I ask long a tube usually lasts? I’m considering it for my teen daughter who has vitiligo but hates to wear sunscreen. Only the price tag is stopping me.

  2. Kate says:

    That history-graphic about public libraries was fantastic! Thank you for sharing it – a great finish for Love your Library month 😉

  3. Jenn M. says:

    I was just in Cecil Court this past week during a vacation to London! It is very charming. Great post on other London bookstores–I will need to go back!

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