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Happy weekend, readers! Around here we’re hoping to take a hike on an unseasonably warm day. We’re celebrating Christmas again tomorrow. And in between I hope to continue my book-a-day streak for 2019. (It won’t last, but it’s fun while it does.)

My favorite finds from around the web:

What happens when your crime library goes up in smoke? “I realized, once it was gone, that my book collection was an annex to my imagination.”

How to manage your seasonal depression. “In fact, though the Danish concept of hygge feels a little over-marketed these days, using the winter months to focus on being cozy inside and outside will make you feel less like you’re battling the dark.”

Everything you wanted to know about book sales (but were afraid to ask). “Honestly, even getting a thousand strangers to read something you poured your heart and soul into is pretty okay.”

Near year new hair? 3 suggestions to ensure the RIGHT cut. “I say this constantly but there is almost no point in trying to explain using only words what you are going for to your stylist unless it’s a very specific haircut like ‘mullet’ or ‘shave it off’.”

New life for old classics, as their copyrights run out. “But it will also be a boon for readers, who will have more editions to choose from, and for writers and other artists who can create new works based on classic stories without getting hit with an intellectual property lawsuit.”

Journal sale:

Time is running out on the Modern Mrs Darcy shop sale: kick off your new year with a fresh Leuchtturm journal, and for a limited time, use the code NEWYEARNEWJOURNAL to get our class Book Journaling for Book Lovers for free with your purchase of any journal or journal kit. Add the class to your cart and apply the code at checkout.

Want to stock up, or give a journal to a friend? Use the code BOOKBONUS on your order of two journals or journal kits and get a tin of book darts for free. Add the book darts to your cart at checkout, and the discount will be applied when you use the code.

All classes are still $5 off through the New Year, which makes them $10 each. Shop the selection here.

Happy New Year, and happy journaling!

Psst—if you’re interested in a good sale, the I’d Rather Be Reading hardcover is still half-off at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Favorite Instagram:

What a year! Lots of books. My best nine included lots of travel and lots of books. My favorite moment here might be the photo with actual people, documenting the one and only time I bumped into someone reading my book in public.  (Follow me on Instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: 15 inspiring and practical books to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. “But if you actually want to keep those resolutions, it’s time to get serious about forming the right habits and minding the right things.”

Two years ago: 11 books to curl up with this winter. “These 11 novels are just the ticket for dreary winter days: they’re beautiful, compelling, and just a wee bit dark, perfectly fitting for the season.”

Three years ago: The 100 hour rule. “For most disciplines, it only takes one hundred hours of active learning to become much more competent than an absolute beginner.”

Four years ago: Survival strategies for winter, my least favorite season. “I feel better when I breathe in fresh air and get myself outdoors into the actual sunshine, no matter how much it’s masked by winter clouds.”

Five years ago: Forget about results: my new approach to goal setting. “Without even meaning to, I’ve dramatically built up my stamina and endurance. I’m stronger. I’m covering more ground in less time. But those weren’t my goals.

On the podcast:

One year ago: Episode 113: The next best thing to reading: how 14 WSIRN listeners organize their bookshelves

Two years ago: Episode 60: The last page can make it or break it (with Melissa Joulwan)

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Patty Ryan says:

    Have you listened to Episode 664 of This American Life podcast? The topic is libraries. The third act was so touching. I think you may enjoy it!

  2. Victoria says:

    Ugh, I can’t imagine losing all my books. Many are vintage and out of print, or large design and exhibition books. We have a list of them thanks to my partner but some are such old friends, the particular books that I read, and re-read.
    There’s a series of books I love and there’s a fire where one of the main characters loses all her books. The devastation and loss might seem silly on the surface, it’s only paper, but the author writes so well about how it feels. But, I don’t want to mention author in case knowing about the fire ruins the story for them!
    I took a few books away on holiday some years ago, and it turned out I took three by the same author but forgot one, the one that was next in the series. It was really hard not to read those books but I just couldn’t skip a book. When I got home and read the missing bôok it was so devastating to read for the first time. It absolutely would have ruined reading that book if I already knew the incredible thing that happened. I can still Remember the complete shock I felt at reading the twist in the storyline, that wouldn’t have been so intense if I had read the later books first.

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