Links I love.

Links I love.

My favorite finds from around the web:

• Netflix is reportedly bringing back Gilmore Girls. “Gilmore Girls feels the most karmically appropriate of them all: a chance for Sherman-Palladino, who exited the show after its sixth and penultimate season because of a contract dispute, to right the wrongs done in her absence.”

Someone returned library books after 52 years, left an awesome note. “Lucky for the borrower, PSU doesn’t charge fines for late books.”

How Jane Austen helped inspire Elena Ferrante’s disappearing act. “When Ferrante fell in love with Austen’s novels in her 20s, she writes, “I was passionate about her anonymity.” The original readers of Sense and Sensibility were told only that it was “by a lady.””

Slightly fewer Americans are reading print books, new survey finds. “The data reveal a somewhat surprising generational pattern in book reading. Young adults – those ages 18 to 29 – are more likely than their elders to have read a book in the past 12 months.”

Stitch Fix mobile app

Of interest:

Stitch Fix released a brand new app yesterday for the purpose of making your fixes even more personalized. Get yours here: it’s free and it’s really pretty. (It’s also easy to use: I used it to check out yesterday for my latest fix.)

(See also: 13 things I’ve learned in 30 months of Stitch Fix, aka my best Stitch Fix tips.)

On the blog:

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  1. I’ve been reading your articles about Stitch Fix lately. I may try it out soon. I’m on a fairly limited budget, but I was thinking of asking for gift cards to Stitch Fix for Christmas. I always feel overwhelmed and completely style-less whenever I go into a store, so I think I’m the perfect candidate 🙂

  2. Sara K. says:

    I’m so excited about the Gilmore Girls on Netflix! I didn’t watch that show until last year but I BLEW through it once I started 🙂

  3. liz n. says:

    The Elena Ferrante article is fascinating. Along the lines of your previous post about the state of publishing these days, I love that Ms. Ferrante is able to retain her anonymity and avoid the marketing circus and book tours that have become part and parcel of promoting books these days. It is publishing houses push to make authors into celebrities that has kept me from publishing. That Ms. Ferrante has been able, to a certain extent, to avoid the public lens is ideal for someone who loves to write, has stories that want themselves told, but cannot comfortably give more of him or herself to the public than what has been written on the page. Good for her!

  4. I love Gilmore Girls so I’ll definitely be tuning in!

    I agree with Ferrante, “the books are enough” or at least they ought to be. Why is celebrity so necessary now? And, it seems counterproductive given (here’s a big assumption) a high proportion of authors would be introverts. Celebrity is most definitely not my cup of tea!

  5. Lisa says:

    I have had two “real book” sightings in the last week that made me smile. Last Saturday I was on a school bus with my part of my son’s high school marching band, on our way to a competition which was 2 1/2 hours away. One of the girls had a paperback book with her and read the whole way to our destination. The other sighting was as I dropped my son at school one day this week, and I saw another girl carrying a well-read paperback as she was walking into the school. Now perhaps they were reading for a class, but the girl on the bus was reading very intently the whole way, more like you read when you are really into a book and not just reading it for school. I still take my (high school age) son the library once or twice a month; he mostly gets graphic novels, but he does still enjoy reading a good book!

  6. Jamie says:

    I loved your Three-years-ago link: Making Myself Make the Effort. “It’s going to be a total pain. But it will be worth it.” Go back and forth feeling that way. Thanks for sharing!

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