Links I love

Links I love

I hope your weekend is shaping up nicely: I’ll be in Nashville tonight discussing I’d Rather Be Reading. The event is free and open to all, no reservations required. Parnassus hosts fabulous events and I’m so excited to visit as an author. Hope to see you there, and if there’s anything you think I must see while I’m in town, tell me in comments!

My favorite finds from around the web:

Own an e-reader or tablet? Borrow ebooks, audiobooks from your library. The specifics can vary by library (like my library uses the RB Digital app for audiobooks), but this is a good place to get started borrowing digital books.

My style evolution, where it’s going, and a big return to OG EHD. I loved this glimpse into Emily’s thought process, and seeing how the personal and professional intersect here.

Inside the new Indigo Vancouver flagship bookstore on Robson street. This bookstore is absolutely stunning.

Reframing the pregnancy story: On literature, stitching, and lost narratives. “Though L. M. Montgomery experienced the loss of an infant, some of what she had Anne give voice to resonates with my experience of pregnancy loss and infertility.”

The way you brew your coffee affects its caffeine levels — here’s how. “Before the brewing process even begins, the beans you choose play a role in how much caffeine you’re getting. ‘Caffeine is an insect repellant, so at very low altitudes, there’s more caffeine [in coffee beans] because there are more insects,’ explains Dr. Arnot.”

Favorite Instagram:

I’ve found that nothing makes a space feel cheerier faster than something alive and green. (Well, maybe a puppy does, but Daisy and I both know that the houseplant route is way easier.) (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: 15 terrific audiobooks you can listen to in 6(ish) hours or (much) less. “By deliberately choosing titles that are on the shorter side, I can experience the satisfaction of crossing more books off my To Be Read list, more often.”

Two years ago: What I’m wearing every day this fall. “I can look put together and feel comfortable with minimal effort, instead of spending my limited mental energy debating over each day’s outfit.”

Three years ago: 8 favorite memoirs I keep coming back to. “I recently read Mary Karr’s excellent book The Art of Memoir, and it of course got me thinking about my favorite memoirs.”

Four years ago: Self-care for the highly sensitive parent. “Interacting with people drains introverts; sensory input — sights, smells, sounds, emotional stimulation — drains highly sensitive people.”

Five years ago: Tea snobs love it or hate it. “I know, it sounds weird. This is not the flavor you instinctively reach for when you spot it on the grocery store shelf.”

Six years ago: 3 time management rules I wish I’d learned 10 years ago. “I hate to say it, but when I manage my time well, it’s because I’m paying attention to the obvious. Sadly, I haven’t always been very good at noticing the obvious.”

On the podcast:

One year ago: Episode 102: A new way to think about fictional characters.

Two years ago: Episode 46: What DID they read next (and how did they feel about it?).

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Libraries are the BEST way to read a ton of books!! I have been using my local library (and its wonderful ILL system) for years now, and my library activity has really ramped up since I started blogging book reviews. There’s no way I could post as often as I do without being able to access tons of books for free through my library. I’ve not yet made the jump to digital or audio books…but since my commute to work has recently lengthened, I feel the time for audio books may be coming soon! 🙂

  2. Emily Shearon says:

    If you have time to visit Cheekwood and the weather permits- go there! It is so magical during the fall. Two of my favorite local spots to eat are Sea Salt and Firefly Grille. I’m coming to the event tonight- can’t wait!!

    • Karen Davidson says:

      I second Cheekwood. Also, downtown Franklin is beautiful and touring one of the historic homes like Lotz House is very enjoyable.

  3. Eva says:

    My library has ebooks available for download at the click of the button, but honestly, I love getting the book from the hold shelf and carrying it around with me until I finish. There’s something tangible about picking a book up, reading the thing to completition, and then returning the book to the library. When I have ebooks I tend to let them sit there and it’s not as satisfying to finish because there’s always something else on there that I haven’t read or is waiting for me to read. I guess I like that physical books keep me from getting overwhelmed with options. Currently reading The House of Mirth and a fun romance novel (The Scandalous Mackenzies, if you must know!).

    Eva |

  4. Mimi Gregor says:

    I didn’t realize that caffeine was an insect repellent. Huh. I wonder if that might be why mosquitoes swarm all over me while completely ignoring my husband right next to me. He drinks several cups of coffee a day, while I limit my caffeine because it ramps up my anxiety and impatience. Perhaps I should at least drink coffee during the dog days of summer, when I have so many bites, I look like a topographical map. Must research this….

  5. Sarah Jeter says:

    First Art Museum is great especially with kids. There is a Paris exhibit there now I think & the children’s section is always amazing…even for adults to play 🙂

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