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Good morning, readers! Wishing you a wonderful weekend from St Louis, where I’ll be a guest bookseller at The Novel Neighbor from 1-3 p.m. before tonight’s (sold-out) ticketed event. Drop in and say hi, I’d love to see you!

My favorite finds from around the web:

Literary fun: 7 ridiculous book title anagrams. I actually laughed out loud.

Every woman needs a red lipstick. “When I look back, it really was a larger issue than just wearing red lipstick. I was afraid to be seen. Afraid to abandon a more conservative look. Afraid to stand out.”

How 8 classic book covers have been designed for modern readers. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that classic books sometimes tend to have rather… plain… covers.”

Guy creatively arranges his massive library of books into imaginative scenes. “Each book cover acts like a stroke of paint; when they are placed together in specific formations, they produce images that are best viewed from above.”

At 96, she’s the oldest high school student in class. She tells a good joke, too. “When she turned 92, she said, she decided it was time to learn to read and write, and enrolled in an adult literacy program. But when she finished and wanted to continue her studies, there was not an adult high school. So she happily enrolled with the kids.”

Three more days:

My first pre-launch event of book tour for I’d Rather Be Reading is tonight! The book officially releases on on Tuesday, which means you have three days left to preorder and claim your preorder bonuses.

Preorder I’d Rather Be Reading wherever new books are sold, including your favorite independent bookstore; most make it easy to preorder online or by phone. (Use this ISBN: 9780801072925.)

Once you’ve preordered I’d Rather Be Reading, you MUST visit to claim your preorders before midnight September 3 when the preorder window closes. Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy your goodies!

Favorite Instagram:

I just can’t get enough of your literary confessions, and hope to hear even more when I’m on book tour.

(Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

On the blog:

One year ago: 3 lesser-known books to help you understand, manage, and overcome anxiety. “These are the books I wish I’d had when I was in my own anxiety muck.”

Two years ago: 15 books for new routines and fresh starts. “These books are fun, (mostly) short, and packed with the practical tips and motivation you need to get your life in order for fall.”

Three years ago: How to find what healthy looks like for you. “For me, healthy looks like a good foundation: good food, good sleep, lots of movement.”

Four years ago: What my kids are into. “They’ve been nerding out on some very specific things lately that I thought would be fun to share.”

Five years ago: The single most effective question to ask yourself for better decision making. “So if you want to make a better decision, think about what would be in your friend’s best interest. It’ll be in yours, too.”

Six years ago: Make it or buy it? A handy flowchart and visual guide. “I don’t like to make gifts just for the sake of making them. But it’s hard for me to tell in advance which projects are going to be worthwhile, and which ones are going to give me headaches.”

Seven years ago: What to do when your productivity tools are your biggest distraction: A two-part plan. “If you find that your computer has become a distraction, and not a productivity tool, it’s time to borrow a trick from the IT handbook and turn the thing off.”

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Annette Silveira says:

    Those anagrams are hilarious. I love the red lipstick article too. I’ve always thought it wasn’t for me but I recently found a shade that works on my fair-ish, freckled skin.

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