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Happy Saturday, readers! Today you’ll find me in the middle of a good book, or perhaps at Louisville’s annual Jane Austen Festival (this year’s theme: “Persuasion: 200 years of piercing souls”). I hope your weekend is full of your particular kind of fun.

My favorite finds from around the web:

Let us now praise libraries, librarians. “The message to young people is obvious: Books are good for you. What’s missing, however, is the idea that sustained reading is magic, a kind of magic that can be wildly addictive, even dangerous.”

The mystery books that inspired To Kill a Mockingbird. “The tales, inspired by his own youth exploring the riverbanks and caves of the Bluegrass region, soon spread to newspapers all over the country and evolved into radio broadcasts and eleven children’s books published between 1921 and 1932.”

5 professional organizers share their best tips for messy people. “Even the most disorganized clients I work with get highly motivated as they see those first few spaces get organized.”

Jane Austen’s unfinished final novel Sanditon comes to Masterpiece. “Austen’s original 11-chapter fragment has been extended into a sumptuous 8 x 60-minute drama series by acclaimed screenwriter Andrew Davies (War & Peace, Mr. SelfridgeLes MisérablesPride and Prejudice).”

Favorite Instagram:

The I’d Rather Be Reading audiobook has been recorded! As promised, I’ll pop on Instagram stories in the next few days to answer all your audiobook recording questions. Anything you’re burning to know? Tell me in comments. (Follow me on instagram @annebogel.)

New favorite thing:

I wanted to share this while July’s offerings is still available. I’m a new subscriber to Dermstore’s Beautyfix box and I am loving it. Beauty pros pack each monthly box (available individually or as a monthly subscription) with full- and travel-size products they love for skin care, hair care, fragrance, and makeup.

I got my first box last month and was so happy with it (so much expensive sunscreen, at such a great value, that my sensitive skin can actually wear). The July box contains four more pricey SPF products; the Elemis pro-collagen marine cream is my favorite so far. I’m trying to not be stingy with the good stuff while it’s summer and I need it. If you have any recs for sensitive skin sun care, would you share?

On the blog:

One year ago: The perfect summer reading for every Myers-Briggs personality type. “Is it difficult to type fictional characters? Yes, because the text usually provides incomplete information.”

Two years ago: What self-care looks like for me right now. “I’m a hard worker, but I am way too relaxed (er, lazy) in minding my own limits and boundaries. It’s too easy for me to get pulled in every direction by everyone else’s wants, wishes, and priorities.”

Three years ago: Two big-picture concepts that help me plan my days/weeks/months. “The planning stuff does not come naturally to me, but I’ve finally realized that my life goes much, much better when I embrace rhythms and routines.”

Four years ago: What to wear when it’s stinkin’ hot out. I just updated this post this week with new outfits to keep you fashionable and cool (or as cool as possible).

Five years ago: For an adult reader, the possible verdicts are five. “I love how this framework is completely devoid of snobbery and any hint of the word “should,” and I’m feeling more liberated these days to hate the occasional classic, or adore the occasional breezy novel. It’s freeing.”

Six years ago: You don’t want to go there. “But there’s a tension with shying away from a whole category. While it might be wise to stay away from stuff that upsets me, it’s worthwhile to pay attention to those very things.”

Seven years ago: Best book you’ve never heard of on … living well. “You can create a good life–and a happy one–by being honest with yourself, by doing your best in your life and work, by loving others, and by being useful.”

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Vicki Petersen says:

    Heading to the Jane Austen Festival shortly. We came from Dallas. Watched the “Persuasion” reading last night and loved it. So glad to be here! Fabulous restaurant yesterday for lunch, Lilly’s. Loving Louisville so far!

  2. Mary says:

    Hi Vicki…welcome to Louisville! Hope you don’t melt in this hot, humid weather, but being from Dallas, you’re probably accustomed to it. Enjoy the Festival and come back to see us.


    • Vicki Petersen says:

      Actually very accustomed to it but I don’t go out much in Dallas so I’m really feeling the heat here in Louisville. Enjoyed the festival today though.

    • Karrie says:

      I forgot to mention Thinksport’s Kidsafe Sunscreen. It’s the only sunscreen everyone in my family can use with no rashes or breakouts. And the kids say it smells like starburst and the beach. Win-win!

  3. Katie says:

    No recommendations on sunscreen, but I’m headed to the Jane Austen festival later today! We’ve gone every year since it began except one and I love it every time.

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