Links I love.

Links I love.

My favorite finds from around the web:

100 years of fashion in two minutes.

• Brevity: 3 tips for speaking less and saying more. “If I say 150 words a minute, and you can hear 750 words a minute, the less I say, the more you hear. The more you say, the less they’re going to hear.”

Looking for a good girl-power novel? It’s time to go back to the classics. “Next time you’re looking for a wholly good story with a strong-heroine punch, consider any of these classic novels, which still speak to strong women today.”

On vulnerability, perfection, and helping the person behind you. “Wouldn’t it be an awful world if we all waited until we’d reached expert status before we helped other people?”

On the blog:

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Three years ago: 5 books that make me feel like I’m not crazy.

Four years ago: What to do when you have an “off” day: my go-to survival mode strategies.

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  1. I loved the girl-power link! Classic novels do have some amazingly strong heroines. I might also add Marilla of Anne of Green Gables. I know she isn’t the main character, but I have always admired her willingness to change and learn. She completely reinvented herself at sixty. How many of us will be able to say that?!

  2. Dana says:

    Loved the 100 years of fashion. I kept waiting fro the gloves and hats to disappear. I remembering my mom alway wearing hats and cloves when she was going out.

    The girl power link was great, too. I have read and loved many of those books. Jane Eyre, Little Women and Anne of Green Gables are all favorites from my childhood that I have re-read as an adult. I think I have re-read Little Women more than any other book. I just started re-reading Anne for the 3rd time. I have not read Agnes Grey but it sounds wonderful. I agree with what she said about the Cinderella movie. It showed the true values and attributes that a girl/woman should pursue.

    The last link was also great. That was encouraging.

    Thanks for finding and sharing such great articles and items!

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