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Happy Friday, readers! We started the week with snow, Wednesday I wore my winter coat, and yesterday was 79 and sunny so if this week has thrown you for a loop (in any way at all), trust that you’re in good company. Here’s what’s on my mind as we roll into the weekend.

My favorite finds from around the web:

Why is starting a book so hard? (and how to overcome it). I love hearing how my favorite writers write, and loved this glimpse into J.T. Ellison’s process. (Although I suspect this has implications beyond the writing life.) I also love that she’s back to blogging regularly.

7 beauty secrets Parisian women swear by. “A Parisian once told me that makeup should be used to show a lifestyle, not just beauty.”

Chapter book series for kids. “We read a lot in this house and cultivating a family of readers can be hard. It takes effort. Yet it is effort we feel is worth the end result.”

Howard’s End is an audacious twist on a beloved classic. I’m intrigued, but a little scared by the use of the word “audacious”…

10 best fiction books of 2017. Laura Tremaine is blogging again! You might remember Laura as the Hollywood Housewife or What Should I Read Next? episode 68. I love blogs and I love Laura, and I’m happy to see her back in this format—and not just because she’s blogging about books sometimes.

On the blog:

One year ago: 7 books I wish I could download into my brain. “I want every word to sink into my brain and permeate my worldview, because I think my life would be better for it.”

Two years ago: You will stumble. “I was struck by the assumption that failure was a natural and normal thing, because it’s something that has taken me a very long time to learn. Too long, really.”

Three years ago: When your perspective changes in an instant. “As much as you hear things like life is short and live in the present, it’s very hard to actually live that way day in and day out.”

Four years ago: Dream jobs. “Knowing your dream job criteria is obviously useful if you’re looking for work. But much like personality types, it’s useful to know your strengths (and your weaknesses) even when you’re not.”

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Coreline says:

    Hmmm .. It will be hard to beat Merchant and Ivory’s production of Howard’s End with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson .. but I’m always up for a good BBC miniseries!

  2. Thank you for the post on beginnings. I haven’t “lost” one or two months on my first 10,000 words this time around. It’s been more like six. I feel like everyone else loves a new project and can make the words flow. I’ve often felt like an outsider this way. Appreciated!

  3. Juanita says:

    just now getting to read your list. Did I miss this series somewhere in the chapter book series for kids list?
    “The Chronicles of Prydain”
    5 chapter books
    written by Lloyd Alexander
    I love this series and so did my kids.

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